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Sioux Survivor - The Game!


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I have no prizes to award, but thought it would be fun to try this as a game, it may not even work or be fun as I've never done this for hockey, only football.

Here it is:

Anyone can enter. Only 1 entry per person

Each night the Sioux play, you are allowed to select 1 Sioux player you think will score a goal.

Your player must score or you are eliminated from the competition.

If your player scores a goal, you will move on to the next night the Sioux play.

You will again select 1 Sioux player you think will score a goal, HOWEVER, you may not select the player you used in the previous game(s) as you can only use each player 1 time, and 1 time only.

Again, if your player does not score a goal, you are eliminated. If your player does score a goal, you will again move on to the next night the Sioux play. Last one standing is the SURVIVOR!

***Please post your selection by replying to this thread.***

All selections must be in prior to 730p central time tonight. We will be using the boards clock, and if your post shows 731p central, sorry, but you are out of luck!

If you qualify but miss a game, you are automatically assigned the most popular selection for that specific game.

If all people are eliminated in the same night, all players that were eligible for that game will carry over to the next Sioux game.

Once your selection is made, you can NOT change it. Be aware of who is dressing and who is not, it is YOUR responsibility to find out!

Sound like fun?

UPDATE!! The lone Sioux Survivor will receive a 5 Title Custom DVD Set with all 5 title games (80-82-87-97-00) AND a 1959 retro jersey # 1 PLUS Signed items from Zach Parise, Jonathan Toews, Matt Jones and TJ Oshie(see photo in AZ's post below)!! <------BIG THANX TO AZSioux!!

Here are the picks for the Friday Night Mankato game:


1RedFrog: Darcy Zajac

2Trunk Monkey: Matt Frattin

3Oxbow6: Ryan Duncan

4Stack: Chris Vande Velde

5PersianGulfSioux: Ryan Duncan

6Upper Deck: Andrew Kozek

7HeidiSioux62: Evan Trupp

8NoDak Hockey Fanatic: TJ Oshie

9AZSioux: TJ Oshie

10Norge: Evan Trupp

11LetsGoSioux: TJ Oshie

12seeboys: Evan Trupp


14RednekSioux: Rylan Kaip

15stickboy1956: TJ Oshie

16siouxforeverbaby: Ryan Duncan

17PHE: Chris Vande Velde

18Fetch: Ryan Duncan

19Watch Out For Flying Pucks: Ryan Duncan

20NorthDakotaHockey: Rylan Kaip

21SiouxSax: TJ Oshie

22FargoSioux: Darcy Zajac

23andthehomeoftheSIOUX: TJ Oshie

24SiouxHockeyFanatic: Evan Trupp

25SiouxTupa: Ryan Duncan

26reeprkr: Andrew Kozek

27dzig: Ryan Duncan

28driscol: Chris Vande Velde

29HaksHomey: TJ Oshie

30SchmidtDoggyDog: Matt Frattin

31dallassiouxfan: Kyle Radke

32dagies: Andrew Kozek

33zqglmtv: Chris Vande Velde <---received via PM - Please post in this thread

34GF siouxfan: Ryan Duncan

35JackedUp: Evan Trupp (Sat. selection Zajac)

36mulebarnalum: Chris Vande Velde

37choyt3: Matt Frattin

38urstillamelvin: Rylan Kaip

39dropTHEgloves: Taylor Chorney

40Ray77: Chris Vande Velde

41GopherGuy33: Ryan Duncan

43Brasco: Chris Vande Velde

44denbo1: Andrew Kozek

45Sioux Hab-it: Matt Frattin

46FlyinSioux: Evan Trupp

47t speaker31: Andrew Kozek

48cbrunner: Evan Trupp

49hrkac: Evan Trupp

50SiouxCrioux1: Matt Watkins

52Siouxman: Evan Trupp

53aleah: TJ Oshie

54luapsided: Evan Trupp

55Brainerd Sioux: Evan Trupp

56Andrea6977: Chris Vande Velde

57SportsDoc: Chris Vande Velde

58DrewStaffordFan: Evan Trupp

59siouxperUND]: Ryan Duncan

60Windsor: Matt Watkins

61Diggler: Chris Vande Velde

62siouxweet: Ryan Duncan

63brianvf: TJ Oshie

64FSSD: Chris Vande Velde

66siouxstudent: Andrew Kozek

67siouxfaninbeaverland: Ryan Duncan

68Siouxmama: Taylor Chorney

69keikla: Evan Trupp

70Siouxdonyms: Matt Watkins

71ihatethegophers: Ryan Duncan

7282SiouxGuy: Chris Vande Velde

73soSIOUXme: TJ Oshie

74UND123: Chris Vande Velde

75Jeremy UND2004: Ryan Duncan

76BIG A HG: Matt Watkins

77Dr Sioux: Rylan Kaip

78FORtheWIN: TJ Oshie

79jimdahl: Zach Jones

Moving on:

42Sundog: Robbie Bina Chris Vande Velde

51nodakvindy: Robbie Bina

65SiouxperVillain: Chay Genoway TJ Oshie

If your name above is GREEN then you are still active.

Selections by Player:

TJ Oshie: 11

Ryan Duncan: 14

Evan Trupp: 14

Chris Vande Velde: 13

Rylan Kaip: 4

Matt Frattin: 4

Darcy Zajac: 2

Andrew Kozek: 6

Kyle Radke: 1

Taylor Chorney: 2

Robbie Bina: 2

Matt Watkins: 4

Chay Genoway: 1

Zach Jones: 1

Total Selections: 79

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