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  1. Thanks. Now I'll be singing that the rest of the day
  2. Great post. I love the "don't Toews me, bro". Well done Farce.
  3. I saw Jimmy Snuggerud today against unbeaten Eden Prairie and he looked very good, especially for a freshman. Anyone know if we have a shot at him? With his dad being a former Gopher it would appear they would have the inside track.
  4. He's still ineligible for varsity until January 28th. I saw him today playing JV vs Chaska.
  5. What did Gardner do to receive his 10 min misconduct?
  6. Pairwise gurus...are we better off with a St Cloud win today vs Bemidji?
  7. Here's my prediction on NHL futures for the '15-'16 roster.....Tucker will lead the group in career games (I'll guess 918) .
  8. Anyone know if tonight's game is available online? Legally is preferred (wink).
  9. I thought Poganski was outstanding tonight - he had an extra gear on every one of his shifts. He was announced as the 2nd star (Olson 1st and Benik 3rd). Schloss commented a few weeks ago that Poganski could be a difference maker in the second half of the season. Hopefully this was an early coming out party. OD also had a great game. His first period laser was Kozek-like.
  10. At St Cloud there are two rows at the end where the opposition shoots twice. Anyone here had those seats before? I'm wondering if they were any good. Decent sight lines?
  11. Don't tell that to the Epping fans.
  12. Does anyone know if Joe Sensor's in Bloomington still shows Sioux games?
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