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  1. UND is not running shuttles from the Columbia ramp to REA.
  2. Anyone kind enough to share a link to the game?
  3. Anyone kind enough to share a link to tonight's game?
  4. Limited amount of 2021 UND/Penn State Nashville tickets available. Those with 2020 tickets wanting a refund have until August 14. www.theralph.com/nashville
  5. 1) Minnesota - bias media and announcers, divers, Cepis, Rau . . . 2) Duluth - fans, Ciskie, and divers, but a great roadie 3) Denver - the hit on Bina, but respect program 4) SCSU - bias announcers, crappy barn
  6. Can anyone tell me why I can’t get the NCHC stream on my MacBook or iPhone on safari or chrome but it works on an old PC? It’s worked fine on my MacBook in the past.
  7. Looking for 2 lower bowl tickets for Saturday vs St Cloud. Please PM or text 21eight5564715
  8. FYI, KSTC 45 from the Twin Cities shows the UND/UNO game on their schedule for Saturday night (chnl 615 on Midco).
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