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  1. I started going through the list of players leaving and then trying to figure out who is actually coming in this fall. We also know about Westin Michaud from CC who will be a senior. The players Schloss has mentioned coming in are: Frisch (D), Pinto (F), Caulfield (F), Blaisdell (F). If you then look at birth years and production the players that seem likely to also come on are: Riese Gaber (F), Murphy Stratton (F), and possibly Carter Randklev depending on his injury. Braden Costello doesn't seem ready. So does anyone know who from this list may be coming in? If the numbers are right that could mean that some of our senior forwards may either be transferring or not be playing (Casey Johnson, Zach Yon, Dixon Bowen). Thoughts anyone?
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