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  1. So what was with all the chirping and hand waving bye bye by the Denver players on their way to the locker room? Anyone?
  2. There has been talk already that the European teams are having a hard time with Covid and some nations may not be able to send their teams to the World Juniors. Essentially they are all waiting for the OK before committing
  3. Well as you saw I would have picked Senden and he didn't score either. Besides I missed the 3:05 deadline. Got to stick by the rules. Looks like we have a winner in Game 1 so I can play in Game 2 on Thursday so don't forget to make your picks there too. Tough game to lose with that 5 minute major with 6 1/2 minutes to go but you don't win a lot of games only scoring 2 goals.
  4. Good luck guys. I forgot about it today and I'm too late. Just watch and Senden will score too.
  5. Congrats Siouxperior. Nice call on JBD!
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