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  1. Congrats Siouxperior. Nice call on JBD!
  2. It's true at every regional. In every arena, they end up taking out the ice, painting all of the NCAA logos under and then putting ice back in. This of course happens after whatever team that normally plays on that rink gets done on Saturday. For example last year the Fargo Force played on March 23 at the Scheels Arena. The NCAA came in on Monday March 25th and took out the ice, painted their logos and then put back in new ice on Tuesday March 26. Regionals started three days later on March 29th. Ice was terrible. It is at every regional even at a place like the Denny Sanford Center in Sioux Falls the year before. There was an event on Saturday and then the NCAA did their normal stuff on Monday and Tuesday. So once again 2.5-3 days to get the ice where it should be. It never is good.
  3. One of my favorites is this: North Dakota is playing in Duluth, The Farce boys are out and about bar hopping to get ready for the game. They have their helmets on etc. They start going from one bar to the next and see a crowd of people in front of a big building. They start chanting : "We've got sprit yes we do, we've got spirit how bout you" and then point at the crowd. The next thing they know they are surrounded by guys with suits and dark glasses and are ushered away from the area. Ronald Reagan happened to be in there and they had Secret Service guys move them away from the area.
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