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  1. Nice play Frisch, are you kidding me.
  2. Anyone have video of the Chrona flop? I need a good laugh for the day. I have tried to find it without any luck.
  3. Serious question? We must miss Poolman, Smith and others. I did not think we would but something is missing.
  4. Just a bad night. Western Michigan looks like a tough game right now. Who would have thunk????
  5. Where the boys that were busting their butt in Brainerd with Cole Smith busting the beers and nachos at Zorbaz?
  6. This team needs more out of Mismash. Great skill and can change the game.
  7. Hey Guys, you have a big game to play. Play it for crying out loud.
  8. Expect a gritty Sioux team...have yet to see it.
  9. Has anyone said this is not last year...you have to earn it on the ice. Early in the game but let’s go.
  10. Scheel comes up big and now we have a game. Could have been a wider margin but he held strong.
  11. Umm...time to wake up and help out your goalie. Ugh.
  12. Looking a step behind right now. Win the battles boys.
  13. Production crew at bar for first period. Looks like we are good to go after happy hour was over.
  14. How about the 5 guys in front of Scheel. Standing around and not moving your feet.
  15. Prayers to Al and his family. Very sorry for your loss.
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