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SIOUX LINE CHART per brads blog


UND's lines

16 Ryan Duncan--7 T.J. Oshie--21 Matt Frattin

22 Brad Malone--17 Rylan Kaip--20 Matt Watkins

19 Evan Trupp--29 Chris VandeVelde--10 Andrew Kozek

26 Kyle Radke--11 Darcy Zajac--14 Brad Miller

4 Taylor Chorney--5 Chay Genoway

2 Joe Finley--28 Robbie Bina

6 Zach Jones--3 Derrick LaPoint

1 Jean-Philippe Lamoureux

30 Aaron Walski

31 Anthony Grieco

forward healthy scratches = forney, davidson and martens

defense healthy scratch = marto

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Hak Pre-game comments:

Little bit of difference in styles, not only in teams, but maybe in the two leagues.

Michigan St. did a great job in the last few months of last season. They have guys who can score though.

They play a conservative style in the neutral zone. We just have to make good decision and try to make plays. Need to cycle down low in the zone.

I hope we're ready to play. Game 1 of the year. Bound to be excitement, maybe even some nerves. We need everyone to play well.

Lerg and Phil are similar goalies. It will be an interesting goaltender match-up.

Need to get pucks and bodies to the net in order to be successful. Teams in our league play a defensive style too.

When we have numbers and speed, I think we can make plays in the neutral zone.

We're healthy. As a whole, everyone on the roster is healthy.

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