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  1. If we continue in the second like we ended the first, I like our chances.
  2. If we can't get to the front of mn net, we won't win
  3. My DirectTV says "College Hockey is blacked out on this channel." Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Should be good to go now
  5. Not yet. Still waiting for the game to go to "live" status on b2
  6. Thanks. Much appreciated
  7. If you have the link to the webcast, can you please post it?
  8. Is there a webcast for tonights game? If so, could someone please post the link?
  9. Bad play by Gregoire regardless.
  10. Dawgs up 2 -0 on the rodents now
  11. Gophers go up by a goal
  12. Yeah a little. Tripping on Malone was BS
  13. What's up with Trupp? He can't seem to buy a goal this year
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