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  1. Can't cut a guy/girl down just because of this statement. They just needed to throw in more details or reasons why to help explain what he/she means exactly.
  2. Ya know, I laughed for the first few games after the name change, but then it started to get old and it just adds to the problem/s...this coming from a guy who once thought I’d wear sioux gear till the day I die. I still will have and sometimes wear it, but will stand with the new name from here on out. Ugh. The points given above about changes and atmosphere change do make sense, however, when the arena is full, we need to be all on the same page to make our atmosphere the best atmosphere in college hockey, and we are so far from it. We just have the nicest arena...
  3. The only thing I’ll say is that the Ralph’s atmosphere is all out of whack. We have an identity problem,without a doubt, as far as having zero, I mean ZERO, chants from the student section and other than a loud noise meter that pops up 3 seconds before they drop the puck, we have nothing! Why do they put up a noise meter and two seconds later when the puck drops, it’s back to library voices. Play it right after the previous whistle!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a die hard sioux fan but from this point forward, I’m moving on. A nickname is definitely not going to win us games or even cost a loss here or there, but the 3 clap, lets go sioux chant is awkward now. Students that are coming in now, unless they are locals, will likely have zero ‘sioux’ background, so where does it go from here? All of this is basically talking about home ice advantage, and really for any games that I have attended the past year or two (every Friday sometimes more), we have had a very poor fan base. Unless we are scoring goals or the game is tied with 5 minutes or less in the game, the crowd is silent. Who’s fault is it? Honestly, you can’t point fingers at just one person or group of people, but having an identity problem isn’t going to help the matter either. The Sioux name isn’t coming back, ever. Something has to change so I, myself, am willing to make the leap. Go fighting hawks! Hope we turn it around a little next year. At least get to the NCAAtournament again, that would be a good start. p.s. I’ll change my profile picture soon
  4. looks like NCHC.tv today for watching the game.
  5. think onhockey.tv will have the game? or any other sites to find a cbs sports feed?
  6. anyone have a link to watch cbs sports online? like one of those iffy sites even.
  7. thought i sent a reply once but its not showing up.....Yeah I wanted to send this post months ago when volleyball started (and football) to see if anyone else had issues. Tonights game was by far the worst and i turned it off also. Hope they can get this figured out by next season/s.
  8. luapsided

    Pluto tv

    Wondering who has been using Pluto tv for football and volleyball games this year, and if everyone is having issues with it as far as it lagging out and getting pixelated? Both sports have never been all that great.
  9. viewing options out yet? I'd assume a webcast (non-nchctv) .
  10. Android tv box with kodi is way better than any others, like roku
  11. wish nhl.com would have a link like they usually do. I hate inconsistency. anyone else find a link?
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