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  1. Make sure your credit card wasn't charged by Neulion AND Sidearm for this year's NCHC.TV subscription. I was charged in Sept by Neulion and then again in November by Sidearm. When I contacted Sidearm they had no record of my earlier charges. I had to have my credit card company dispute/reverse the charges.
  2. I'm in Mazatlan for spring break. Message me if you want to go to a local sports bar.
  3. Post which city/bar you are in to find others to watch the games with.
  4. I'm going to Sensers in Bloomington, MN on Thursday night. Hopefully there is still a crowd that goes there from the old days when that was the only place to watch the games in Mpls.
  5. Yes, still available. I won't have the tickets until will call opens (2:30?). And then I can sell them to whoever can meet me there.
  6. I have a young son too, but save your money until they are old enough to remember the games (10+).
  7. Yes, both days. $200. Tickets are at will call so would have to meet you there.
  8. I have an extra general admission ticket for sale. Or will trade these 2 tickets for a single (not SRO).
  9. Is anyone running shuttle buses from Grand Forks to Fargo for the games this weekend?
  10. Anyone wanting to set up a viewing party at a bar should just call the bar and make arrangements/reservations. Ask them if they can reserve a section and TV's for your group. If they agree then send your viewing party info to the alumni assoc and they can add it to their list. That's how it gets done. UND does not have staff arranging parties in every city.
  11. Twin Cities Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 UND vs. Nebraska Omaha Watch Party The Pourhouse Minneapolis 5:30 p.m. – End of Game (All ages welcome during the game) UND Hockey raffle prizes will also be drawn during the watch party
  12. Does anyone have the link to the info on the Sioux Hockey viewing party this weekend in downtown Minneapolis at the Pour House?
  13. When will today's results be loaded so we have something fun to discuss? (I have no interest in the fire hak sillyness)
  14. No penalty called until after video review. WTF?
  15. Sounds like the most Sioux fans will be in Dickinson today. Easter weekend is really making regional hockey goofy. Anyone going to Sensers Bloomington today?
  16. Here is what I found out for Minneapolis viewing parties for this Friday's game at 4:30PM: Joe Senser’s Restaurant and Sports Theatre 4217 West 80th Street, Bloomington, MN. 952-835-1191 http://www.sensers.com Details: Banquet room reserved for UND fans. Game audio broadcast in Banquet room. Located in the southern Twin Cities suburb of Bloomington right off 494 & France Ave. The Alley Sports Tavern 100 N 6th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403. 612-367-8365 http://www.thealleysportstavern.com/ Details: Party Room reserved for UND fans with two 50" HDTV's with game audio. Located in downtown Minneapolis near Target Center. There is a Timberwolves game Friday night so parking may be a challenge.
  17. Any info yet on where the national viewing parties will be held on Friday? (BIG screens and overhead sound required.)
  18. Bloomington is best spot. I went to Roseville last nite and they only had sometimes jumpy web feed of Sioux game and had gopher audio on overhead.
  19. Rau for WCHA Diving player of the year!
  20. Grab open seats down low before the drop of the puck. Expect to move when the seat holders show up. Always keep an eye open for open seats near you, and just immediately move to them if you have to.
  21. Sec 2, Row 22 Ticket is in Minneapolis.
  22. For minneapolis people, the Alley sports tavern downtown says they will put Sioux game on.
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