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It happened again!


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Central Washington 21

D1aa Eastern Washington 14

Central shocks Eastern

Just like the UND-UNI game, CWU did not receive any breaks:

Normally, when an NCAA Division II team beats an NCAA Division I-AA team, it gets some breaks.

It takes advantage of opportune bounces, gets a couple of favorable calls and maybe even pulls off a trick play or two.


On Saturday night, however, Central Washington got the benefit of none of the above.

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WOW!!! Huge win for NDSU and huge win for football fans in North Dakota. What I like about the NDSU win today and the UND win over UNI is that both teams were down late to teams they were supposed to lose to and they both showed poise and grit and took what was theirs to take!!!!

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I will state it first right here. NDSU will defeat the Golden Ones. I hate to say that but I have a real gut feeling about this. If the game were in the FargoDome I would bet money on a Yellow School win.

NDSU beating Minnesota would be an INSTANT CLASSIC!

I can almost hear the guys on KFAN laughing it up at Mason's expense. Good gravy that would be sweet.

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congrats to NDSU.....but Ball State is one of the worst teams in 1A. Given that though last week they did only lose to Purde 28-38 and Minnesota is bad this year so I am giving the Bison a good shot at pulling off an upset in the dome, which could be pretty packed due to the fact that the only way you could get a ticket to the Iowa or Michigan game is if you also bought one for the NDSU game.

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1. Ball State's attempt at an easy home game failed miserably*. Given their previous season they don't seem to be on a path to success.

2. A loss to NDSU could (would?) cost Glen Mason his job. Plus, the Gophers have all but that game against the Big Ten. They're 2-2 now with 8 games left. They need a win v. NDSU to have any hope for a bowl game.

3. Has there been a week yet this college football season where a team from a fewer scholarships division hasn't beaten a team from a higher scholarships division?

* You have to wonder if Ball State drank from the same Powerade jug that UND drank from in the first half against WWU. If they did, it's their mistake. Why? See 3.

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