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  1. Of course it is an inside job. The whole last several years, including the NCAA meeting, were all charades. None of ND congressional delegation was going to do anything - they all wanted the nickname gone. The Governor wouldn't lift a finger. But yet, the state's leadership in both parties and the media all played along on the charade to dupe the public into believing that real conversation and political process was going on. That's not the definition of a representative democracy, but rather a banana republic. Kelley and state leaders are espousing lies and outright deceit. If you are fine with that, Lord help our country. Finally, a Sioux reservation has a major voice in an issue that pertains to the entire state, and they are blown off again as being entirely irrelevant. The Sioux people and all North Dakotan's could for once have been of one voice.
  2. Kelley and Portland State's President Wim Wiewel's relationship goes way back too their days together at Ill-Chicago. Strange how Portland State's Wiewel seemed to be a ringleader in the Big Sky against the Sioux name. Was Wiewel Kelley's wing man? More to come on that. Here's an email Kelley wrote to Wiewel bragging even before the NCAA meeting on how the SBoHE had already voted to drop the name. http://sayanythingblog.com/entry/did-grant-shaft-and-the-board-of-higher-ed-undermine-the-ncaa-meeting-in-august/
  3. There is much more to come Cratter. Have a copy of the Summit League bylaws.
  4. It is really a mystery why few on this board can't understand the significant of Faison and Kelley not entering written testimony into the hearing record for repealing the bill. Everyone else that testified submitted written testimony. Why would Faison and Kelley not follow suit and enter their testimony into the record?
  5. Prior to becoming a participating member, UND will be a full DI FCS member. Northern Colorado actually was a member of the Big Sky for one year as a transitional DI team. If the Big Sky was ever serious about expelling UND - they aren't at all - all Governor Dalrymple would need to do to stop such a move is make a phone call to Republican Governors in Idaho or Utah. That's the way the conference game is played in every other state, but Dalrymple (and Hoeven) chose not to do that to protect William Goetz, Hoeven's right hand man.
  6. http://sayanythingbl...ky-hole-deeper/ Kelley and Faison protected themselves from perjury charges by not entering their November testimony into the record, but all of their minions - like Rick Bergum, Allen Olson, Jimmy and Sherri Kleinsasser, and many of the past Alumni Presidents did have their testimony entered into the record. Wonder how pissed those people will be when they realize Faison and Kelley lied to them. For UND to have been expelled from the Big Sky conference, it would have taken a unanimous vote. Having seen the open records requests, I can state categorically that expulsion would never happen. The media did an absolutely horrendous reporting job on this. They never even knew UND was already a fully approved Big Sky member, they didn't know a vote to expel would have to be unanimous, and they have absolutely no idea what president if any would even vote to expel. Until they know these basic facts, the media simply isn't credible on this issue. The media simply accepted the garbage Faison, Kelley, the SBoHE, and Fullerton fed them and called it reporting. Shameful. Disgraceful.
  7. Strange how no one talks about Mac Schneider, who wants to make a name for himself more than anyone. He's drumming up as much support among the democrats and PC'ers as humanly possible by going against the nickname - just so he can run for federal office.
  8. Portland State, Eastern Washington, Idaho State, Montana State, Sacramento State, and Northern Arizona have all had recent NCAA post-season bans or major scholarship reductions due to NCAA violations and somehow the Big Sky didn't expell them. The Big Sky has set some amazing legal precedents on this and I'm sure their lawyers would strongly advise against any outrageous action, otherwise Spirit Lake may end up owning them.
  9. At least I wouldn't lie to you. When did deceipt become a trait you admired, Homer? Guess as long as morals and laws and constitutional principles don't apply, you are okie dokie about everything as long as the NCAA is happy. And people wonder how they lose their freedoms in other countries.
  10. Tom Miller of the Herald is tweeting this: Blog entry has so many holes idk where to start... RT @gfherald Nickname supporters: UND, Big Sky misled Legislature | http://bit.ly/sZQPmW So what are the holes? Tom, you can't name one. Go and do some real journalism before you slam that article. A lot of leg work is behind that article and more to come. But Tom, what actual reporting have you done on this story, other than talking with Kelley and Faison and taking their word for it? None Have you filed any freedom of information requests with any Big Sky President or Institution? No Will your journalism credibility go down in flames after the many stories and columns you have written based on Kelley's and Faison's word? Yes
  11. FBS conferences and schools sign exhaustive agreements and/or require changes to bylaws to facilitate new members. Because there was less money and television issues involved here, the legal end of things is rather simple. Southern Utah signed nearly an identical contract. Southern Utah also referenced the bylaws as the legal document. If the Big Sky and Kelley didn't want UND as the Fighting Sioux in the conference, they needed to spell that out in the original contract. Both Kelley and the Big Sky failed to recognize that the Fighting Sioux name would come back to life when that contract was signed. I speculated on this same issue this past summer: the Big Sky could ban UND from hosting Big Sky post-season conference events. But under the current bylaws, the Big Sky can not expel UND. But Kelley never stated that UND would be "expelled" from the Big Sky. Kelley has asserted numerous times that the Big Sky would not accept UND if the nickname continued. Kelley is either (a) incompetent, or (b) purposedly misleading alumni, people of ND, and the legislators. No other way to spin this. Freedom of Information requests sent to Big Sky Presidents when they are released will confirm: Kelley intentionally deceived us.
  12. What fantasy world are you living in? Kelley has for the record never ever stated he is opposed to the nickname. Kelley has however, for the record, stated that UND will be kicked out of the Big Sky conference if the nickname isn't dropped. He stated this to a legislative hearing, which constitutes perjury, based on the evidence supplied. Fullerton has never ever stated that UND will be kicked out of the Big Sky Conference - just that the nickname will do harm to UND athletics. The media never ever obtained a quote from any other Big Sky president. Instead, the media relied on the words of two men: Kelley and Fullerton. The media did the same thing with the Summit League: relied on the words of two men: Kelley and Douple. Douple later said they were both lying, yet the ND media still wants us to believe Kelley? How gullible are North Dakotans? Fool you twice and you still believe Kelley?
  13. ScottM: Your credibility on this board depends on this story having no legs, so I can understand why you make those comments.
  14. Oh, so you are stating that UND wasn't compliant to Open Records Laws when they were asked to release all legal documents relevant to Big Sky membership? The Big Sky bylaws are what spell out everything - they are the final contract - which is also included in the blog. Having an Indian nickname is not in violation of the Big Sky bylaws.
  15. The NCAA would only forbid hosting of playoff games. Kelley needed a larger hammer than that - so he enlisted the loss of Big Sky membership as the hammer. Big Sky Presidents agreed to play along. The fear of losing Big Sky membership is what prompted the legislature to act and Sioux fans to cower in fear.
  16. So you are stating UND is not legally in the Big Sky? You couldn't be more wrong.
  17. Will be interesting if perjury charges are pursued against Kelley, based on what Kelley stated at legislative hearings.
  18. With UConn considering an upgrade in scholarships and moving to Hockey East, that may open an Atlantic Hockey slot for UAH. Also, Air Force is reportedly considering the WCHA, now that the WCHA doesn't have power teams in it so that AFA can be consistently competitive.
  19. What is the over / under on how many days Kelley has left? How many member of the SBoHE will be forced to resign in disgrace? http://sayanythingblog.com/entry/are-the-university-of-north-dakotas-big-sky-conference-concerns-bogus/
  20. They are committed to Stub Hub, but haven't actually received them yet myself. There are likely more tickets like mine that Stub Hub can't distribute yet. The seats aren't that great, if $350 is the lowest price, looks like my favorite charity may be funded by Bisonville.
  21. I'd bet it will be more like 66% SHS / 33% NDSU, as a lot of NDSU fans will be shut out of tickets unless they have a big donor connection. If the game had been in Chattanooga, the crowd would have been 70% NDSU, 30% SHSU
  22. Had to laugh out loud when certain FCS fans say there will be tickets available. This is an entirely different situation than before, especially with the three week lead time. With three weeks in advance, most alumni have a chance to arrange travel and make plans. The previous one week notice for Chattanooga even made it difficult for local fans like Appalachian State to realign their schedules. That's the problem with playoffs - one week simply isn't enough time for travel. That's why bowls want at least three weeks: so people that can rearrange their work schedules and find travel options within their budget. For Sam Houston St to be able to play in Dallas would be like NDSU playing a championship game in Minneapolis. Sam Houston St probably has a ticket demand of 25,000 - much higher than their average home game because this game is in many respect even more accessible and is the biggest game ever for Sam Houston St. NDSU's ticket demand is probably around 8000. With potentially 12,000 people left out considering there are only 21,000 seats - prices are going to go up. If the game had been Montana / NDSU, there would have been some tickets available.
  23. When Sam Houston St won, bought some game tickets in Frisco and am flipping them on Stub Hub. Figured Sam Houston probably has more alumni in Dallas than in Hunstville. If either Ga Southern or NDSU won, the game would easily sell out as small as that stadium is. When the results aren't quite what you want, there's still always an opportunity. There also some charities around that need the extra cash, especially at Christmas.
  24. Calgary Herald: Top Ten Energy Trends #1 http://blogs.calgaryherald.com/2011/12/19/no-need-for-useless-alarm/
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