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Fenton new Summit Commish


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On 12/4/2021 at 4:08 PM, crb1 said:

It will be interesting, as I am convinced, anyone really with some admin experience would have done a decent job running the NCHC given the institutions that make up the conference. They alone make it successful. Josh has done a good job steering the ship. I do believe there is room for improvement however. 

just thinking off the top of my head, others can add. 

1. Better streaming across the board-requiring a standard from schools. 

2. Better television deal. CBS is alright but I think it could be better

3. Moving the frozen Faceoff back to the Xcel was the right move. Glad that happened. Although, I kind of liked it in GF, ala last year. 

4. Possibly adding more teams?

5. Refs- This will probably always be an issue. :)

What do others think? Any replacement names come to mind?

My dark horse would be Erik Martinson. 

I know there is some talk about the hiring of a new commish and back in December I called Erik Martinson would be my Dark horse. I would not be surprised at all if he is the next commish. 

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On 5/21/2022 at 10:22 AM, goyotes said:

Interesting RinkLive article , expecially question #2 discussing chances the NCHC movers underneath the Summit League umbrella.

St. Thomas is apparently targeting a capacity of 4-4.5K for their new arena.  The capacity target is new info.  If that comes to fruition, I gotta think they rise to the top of the list when it comes to NCHC expansion options, as that size shows how serious they are, and given their location, they would help a ton with frozen faceoff attendance (revenue).  I think this also would make Summit hockey more feasable, if desired.  The underwhelming hire of SCSU's AD as the new Summit Commish makes me think that Summit hockey is the direction they may be heading.  I think if they go that direction, Mankato could be the best option for another addition if the Summit wants Mankato to eventually move up to D1 and join the Summit league (and if Mankato is interested) - they would be the perfect geographical and institutional fit, especially if you look at the next best options, should Summit League expansion be necessary.  Adding Mankato and St. Thomas would also would help a ton with improving Frozen Faceoff atmosphere and driving local interest, as the programs are both closer in proximity than any current NCHC schools (except maybe SCSU for Mankato) so many fans from each program would likely attend whether or not their teams make the Frozen Faceoff. 

The last thing we need is another distant team, like ASU, that will bring few fans if they make that tournament, IMO.  Would also be interested to know how much the NCHC cares about keeping Miami in conference, and how important they are to keeping the CBSSN contract in place.  If the NCHC wants Miami to stay, Bowling Green could potentially be added instead of Mankato, as they are apparantly looking to fund significant arena renovations again, so it will be interesting to see what they can get done there.  I'm 100% against ASU for a multitude of reasons, but mainly I think that they are not a like minded program with other NCHC programs, as they have allegiances to the PAC 12 and it's TV network, so there could be issues with CBSSN and NCHC.TV, and they will likely leave for a western conference as soon as possible.  I also kinda feel like they wouldn't like the current tournament set up with the finals always being in St. Paul, and that would potentially bring the number of programs that may be against the current tourney setup up to 5, if you think CC, DU, Miami, and WMU may be interested in a more favorable tournament setup, such as on campus sites only, or a rotating championship venue.

Also, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I'm fine with the status quo as well, but Summit hockey is appealing to me if it helps to lock St. Thomas and DU into the league long term.  

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Fenton starting to make changes.  Summit is dead last of all multi sport conferences in total Twitter/FB/Instagram followers (Data from 2020 below).  NCHC currently has nearly 72K Twitter/FB/Insta followers.  Which would slot a single sport "niche" hockey conference (not even a decade old) just behind the Big East, and well ahead of the MVC and Big Sky.  Looks like he is making a social media hire to improve the fan engagement and profile of the Summit League.  Not huge news or anything, but it's the off season and I find it somewhat interesting.


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