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  1. Somebody posted the below link with the non conference schedules on the USD board. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V7miL_7OhCn9Sjynk5ul8ATYgwoZ3ezUYiGzuU0MIRA/edit#gid=546505921
  2. Interesting RinkLive article , expecially question #2 discussing chances the NCHC movers underneath the Summit League umbrella.
  3. Murray, UTA & UMKC were the 3 schools mentioned prior to Loyola leaving the MVC for the A10. Now that Loyola has left, I believe UIC is #1 on the list of replacements. If UIC departs the Horizon League, it leaves Milwaukee & Green Bay on an island from the rest of the Horizon and as potential additions to the Summit.
  4. 3 schools & $33,000,000. ( $3,000,000/member exit fee x 11 departing members)
  5. Joining CUSA now would be like boarding the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.
  6. Tickets for those of you making the trek down I-29 to Vermillion are now available here The top portion of section H is designated as visitor seating and my guess is tickets for that section will be available through UND.
  7. Yes I do. Likely needs to get a little stronger and needs to improve his defense. Not saying that he is going to be either one, but he plays in the same conference that AJ Plitzuweit & Noah Friedel played in.
  8. Bruns is fun to watch, but tonight's game is one his team should win by 30+
  9. Should be an interesting game. With UND > SIU > NDSU and also UND > SDSU, the winner of the game can claim the title as best team in the Dakota's. (at least temporarily) Not ideal for the Yotes playing back to back road games on a short-week.
  10. Game was Thursday night, but it appears that it is archived on the same site as the above link. Bruns' Dakota Valley team was ranked #1 in Class A in SD coming into the game, but was upset by a real good Sioux Falls Christian team by the score of 92-72. Bruns put up 44 points, including 7 3-pointers.
  11. Here is a live stream link to Paul Bruns' game tonight.
  12. None of the Dakota Showcase games will be on ESPN3 or ESPN+. You have 2 options to watch the game: (1) Cable TV if MidcoSN2 is part of your cable package. (2) MidcoSportsPlus streaming. Will cost $6/month, but you get the first 30 days for free.
  13. https://twitter.com/JDGravina/status/1182792377284599808 Take the 30 seconds to watched the attached video. It is excellent.
  14. https://twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1158496677931704320
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