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  1. https://twitter.com/JDGravina/status/1182792377284599808 Take the 30 seconds to watched the attached video. It is excellent.
  2. https://twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1158496677931704320
  3. For reference purposes, SDSU is paying their new head coach, with zero head coaching experience at the college level, $275,000. Henderson Salary.pdf
  4. goyotes

    2018 Season

    Tournament will be in Denver this season. Volleyball, along with soccer, softball and baseball, play their tournament at the home field/court of the previous regular season champion.
  5. I couldn't find any name by name listing for ND, but some comparable salaries are at this site; (typing in basketball as job title) http://data.share.nd.gov/pr/Pages/compensation-by-position.aspx SD salary information by name is at this site https://open.sd.gov/employees.aspx
  6. The salaries for each of 3 men's basketball assistants at USD last year were approximately $70,000 each and the assistant coaches at SDSU were at approximately $85,000 each. I believe Davidson's salary at UND was in the range of $40,000 to $45,000.
  7. How about a scaled replica of this?
  8. From Jay Elsen (Midco Sports Net) with Mick Garry (discussing USD win over Bowling Green) & Alex Heinert (discussing the USD - UND game). Primarily from the USD perspective, but Alex Heinert also adds some UND flavor. https://www.midcosn.com/blog/2017/09/midcosn-podcast-this-week-in-usd-football/
  9. AGS combines the worst of the SDSU, NDSU & UNI fan bases. Visit at your own risk.
  10. FYI - Tickets for this game went on sale this morning. 2PM kickoff. UND seating in Sections A & B https://tkt.xosn.com/tickets/BuyTickets.dbml?DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=33000&_MODE_=CATEGORY&SALE_TKT_PERFORMER_ID=122479&SALE_TKT_SALE_CATEGORIES_ID=133840
  11. In addition to Sioux Falls hosting the west regional at the Premier Center on March 23-24, 2018, they are also hosting both the men and womens NCAA D2 basketball Elite Eight at the Sanford Pentagon on March 19-24, 2018. Might want to get your motel rooms early.
  12. There is a group of posters on Any Given Saturday that have made that site pretty much useless unless one enjoys following a conversation at the 2nd or 3rd grade level.
  13. The 2 South Dakota schools are never going to leave the Summit League as long as the Summit League tournament is in Sioux Falls, and I believe that about a year ago an extension was signed to keep the tournament in Sioux Falls through 2022.
  14. I join in with Yote 53. Welcome back. Definitely adds stability to the Summit League. Basketball fans - make plans now to venture to Sioux Falls in March, 2019.
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