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2018-19 World Juniors

sioux rube

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23 hours ago, sioux rube said:

Nice to see they finally changed overtime for the World Juniors:

Prelim: 5 min 3x3 then shootout
QF, SF, Bronze: 10 min 3x3 then shootout
Finals: unlimited 20 min OT 3x3 until decided.

NOT for world jrs.  This is for the world championships in May.


Following the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the Competition and Coordination Committee will conduct a review of the new format and determine whether it will be implemented in other top-division tournaments.


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22 hours ago, 90siouxfan said:


I assume these times are Pacific?

And this is my link for the action?  http://onhockey.tv/

Do we have a shot?, favorite?  Kazahstan, wth?

This schedule is a little easier to follow...


Kazakhstan is back in this tournament for the first time in a decade.  They replace Denmark Belarus, who was relegated to 1A this year.


Edited by MafiaMan
sprig caught my error - Belarus was relegated to 1A, not Denmark.
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3 hours ago, scpa0305 said:

One of the best tourney’s of the year.  D group is strong.  Very shocked with the Cates/O’Brien picks.  Not overly sure how they got on this team.

The plural of “tourney” is “tourneys,” no apostrophe is needed.  :glare:



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