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Big Sky Tourney 2016


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5 hours ago, Stromer said:

His cheerleading for WH during the sports cutting discussion was embarrassing. If people really cared about seeing Olympians in action, they wouldn't need $1 tickets to draw them in.

And that has to do with your original post how?

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17 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

Either we always report higher attendance than is actually there or this was underreported, because seemed to be around 1000.

Anyone have ideas on other Big Sky tourney averages?

I was wondering how much the Big Sky takes of the gate.  I imagine they take some so there would likely be under reporting by the host school.  

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4 minutes ago, nodakvindy said:

I know Griffin was mvp but Merseli is the straw that stirs the drink.  i think she is best all around player in the league.

1 set to go for the dance.

Griffin, Dooley, and Moser are an outstanding core, but Merseli sets us apart and put us at the top.  A weapon that we didn't have last year and really didn't come into her own until the second half of the conference season.  Bruggeman is another straw now too as she plays like she has experience.

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