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Game Day @ Bowling Green


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2nd and 14... Pass fires along the right sideline. I think it was a wheel route, pass was dropped, but safety almost picked it.

On 3rd and 14, Screen pass was either a miscommunication or a misfire... threw it to a lot of green grass.

Punt team coming up... from the 20. Santiago catches it at the 25, and returns it for around 9. to the 34...ish

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1st and 10 from the 35.

Singleback,fake sweep, handoff to 22 on the right side for a loss.

2nd and 12. From the gun, fires left to Toivenon (I think i'm spelling that wrong)... for 10. 3rd and 2 coming up.

from the gun, looks right, runs right, fires right... caught by santiago, but out of bounds... it was close.

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still incomplete... punt is up and a drive. Returner tried left and then to reverse for a loss. 1st and 10, with 3:05 for BG from the 16.

1st and 10, handoff from the gun, to the left, cuts inside for a nice run. gain or 3 or 4.

2nd and 7. From the gun, pass complete to the left for a first down... gain of probably 12ish

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