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UND (5-3) @ UNC (4-4) (1/30)


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After an impressive road sweep, UND will again return to the road to take on their travel partner and former NCC rival UNC.  Since it is travel partner week, this is the only game these two team have this week.

This is an important game for both to close out the 1st half of the season.  A UND win gives them a chance to gain some separation from the middle of the pack teams in the Big Sky and stay two back of the leaders.  It would also give UND a steller 4-1 road record on the year.  UNC holding serve at home would mean after a dismal 1-4 start to conference play, the Bears will find themselves back in the thick for that 1st round bye for the conference tourney.

Since joining the Big Sky, UND is 2-4 all time against the Bears, including a 1-2 record in Greely.

UND will have to contain a potent Bear offense to get out of Greely with the W.  Very guard oriented.

Early Prediction:

UND has been playing well since the 2nd half of the Weber game.  I think they are playing with a lot of confidence coming off that road sweep, but so is UNC.  In the end, UNDs perimeter D will hold UNC in check just enough to come out of Greely with their 6th Big Sky win

77-70 UND

Other Games (I will list all the games for the week on this thread)

Thurs 1/28



NAU @ Weber


Sat 1/30






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I like UND's chances when the other team is reliant on their guards to score with the caveat that UND has been giving up a fair amount of decent shots or better from 3-point, however the other teams haven't been converting which is a partial credit to UND players closing on the shooter.

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UNC has one of the best offenses in the league but one of the worst defenses, so it should be fun if you like points. I also think it helps us that they don't take a lot of threes, so the fact that we allow a bunch of them might not come into play as much. I like a narrow road win.

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They are more guard oriented than UND, starting four.  Bernstine should have a distinct advantage, presuming the starting lineups hold true.  As always, I will take UND's guards over theirs, our guys play so hard on the defensive end and get rewarded offensively.  Hoping the high percentage shooting continues, and looking forward to adding to the win streak. 

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Just now, UND1983 said:

I cannot believe they let Hooker drive in deep and throw it up AGAIN!  Cmon.  Learn from the past.  That is 0-3 now.

agreed.   he seemed a step slower tonight too, I don't know if possibly his foot is bothering him worse than usual or what.   he couldn't get separation when attempting to drive most of the night.

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