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  1. Lot of rubes whine about a coach...thinking that a new coach is the answer when it usually is not
  2. Didn’t Jonsey boy orchestrated a beat down on these slugs last season.... Sather makes Jonsey look like Coach K...unbelievable
  3. Bring back Jonsey boy...to teach this D2 clown how to coach vs the Big Boys D1
  4. Saddler will be gone after this season...4th year junior...get is degree and move on..book it
  5. Bring back jones...he played zags tough..not crushed like sather
  6. The facts obviously...contradict your narrative...AD felt jones was worth what he earned ..and what he was willing to pay..at the time
  7. After 3 one can evaluate what the program has done and project out to the 4th year ..recruiting and player evaluation ability and coaching skills should be apparent after 3
  8. Coaching change and culture...whatever that’s supposed to mean and quantify...means next to nothing compared to talent and coaching. See how sather recruits and coaches..and give him 3 years to make his mark
  9. Smart people base expectations on talent ,coaching and experience relative to the competition ...not wishful thinking
  10. Two of the top rated recruits in history of the program gone...fire new coach and the AD...
  11. Former E. Washington Jim Hanford coach could not stand Chaves
  12. Funny stuff Light in the loafers guy telling me to lighten up
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