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  1. The facts obviously...contradict your narrative...AD felt jones was worth what he earned ..and what he was willing to pay..at the time
  2. After 3 one can evaluate what the program has done and project out to the 4th year ..recruiting and player evaluation ability and coaching skills should be apparent after 3
  3. Coaching change and culture...whatever that’s supposed to mean and quantify...means next to nothing compared to talent and coaching. See how sather recruits and coaches..and give him 3 years to make his mark
  4. Bring back Jonsey boy
  5. Smart people base expectations on talent ,coaching and experience relative to the competition ...not wishful thinking
  6. Two of the top rated recruits in history of the program gone...fire new coach and the AD...
  7. Former E. Washington Jim Hanford coach could not stand Chaves
  8. Funny stuff Light in the loafers guy telling me to lighten up
  9. To think practicing with Shanks makes anybody a better player than they would have been otherwise is absurd...Maybe practicing with Lebron will make the lakers great again...Maybe Shanks will be a good coach maybe not. Not Big on a guy who dumps Utah st for UND Then Dumps UND and verbals to Utah st. and a week later dumps Utah St. second time for Loyola...Questionable loyalty and stability . e
  10. Shanks is an assistant...not assistant head coach....he had a a knack for being a fouling machine at UND and was really good at getting a foul called on him while a teammate was in the process of making a bucket ..,which thanks to shanks hack was waived off. Krutwig got better after shanks left...surprised Porter Moser did not give the next John wooden AKA Carson shanks a job on his staff if he was really instrumental in Krutwig being a stud player ...Shanks had nothing to do with Krutwig he would have been just as good without Shanks...Shanks did not really improve himself much during is 5 years of ncaa basketball much less a going against a kid one year in practice...UND Center Avants improved after shanks left also...
  11. One of lowest paying ,coldest , lowest in state talent jobs in D1...beggars cannot be too choosy
  12. Actual article refers to him as an Assistant coach which is logical ...assistant head coach seemed like fake news....Not sure how his coaching ability can be raved about since he has never been a coach
  13. Walthall 7 and 22 losses in 2017/18....average record last season....washed up
  14. Tray Buchanan former UND guard will play for South Dakota st. Next season
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