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UND (3-2) vs Montana (5-0)


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After an impressive performance against the Cats, UND faces a stiffer challenge when they host the Griz.

The Griz did have a tough battle down in Greely, taking the Bears down 73-66

UND is 1-5 all time against the Griz since joining the Sky.  1-2 at home.

UND is going to have to slow down the Big German, Breunig, and win the guard battle to have a pretty good shot at winning.

Beating the Griz would put UND in great shape early for a top 4 seed.

Other Games:

MSU (2-3) @ UNC (1-4)

Weber (4-0) @ Sac (1-3)

ISU (1-3) @ PSU (2-2)

NAU (1-3) @ EWU (2-2)

SUU (1-3) @ Idaho (3-1)

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Looking forward to seeing if Geno can build off his strong performance on Thursday. It is nice knowing we have some players other than Hooker that can lead the team in scoring and still bring us a W. I will admit I am not the biggest Jones fan out there but he does seem to do a solid job of bringing in some good players but I just wish he did a better job of balancing out the classes.

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Thought UND played somewhat poorly on offense and pretty good on defense outside of rebounding. Shore that up and second half should go better, being down by 4 isn't too bad considering. Shanks should be rested and able to get some points in the paint. 

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