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FROZEN FACEOFF - Sioux vs Miami Friday


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UND fans will be out in full force Friday night in downtown Minneapolis. Can't wait for Friday to get here. Some beers to settle me in for Western and Denver, and then UND-Miami to keep their seasons alive.

Everyone remembers the last game UND played at the Target Center. :)

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Last time the Sioux played Miami it was pretty simple. Chip it out against their top guys, and then attack their defensemen with multiple bodies around the net. Not sure you can just chip and chase now that they have Coleman back and their top six forwards are pretty good, but I think that a lesson that can be learned from Miami beating SCSU is gap control defensively. SCSU gave some of those forwards way too much space and they paid for it.

Miami is still horrible in their own end. They overcommit a lot, and Czarnik almost cost his team dearly against SCSU when he let a guy behind him for that goal with .1 left on the clock. When I was at the UND-Miami series I've never seen a goaltender yell at his defensemen so much, and for good reason. McKay almost killed one of them one time, but he was saved by his defensive partner.

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They may need to consider hosting the tournament at the top seed's venue. I mean how close were they this year to CC, Western, Miami, and Denver? Just a thought. UMD, Duluth, SCSU, UND make it and attendance isn't an issue.

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I really liked Pattyn-Gaarder-Rodwell and O'Donnell-Grimaldi-Johnson tonight. Of course Mark Mac, Parks, and Caggiula need to stay together.

I also thought that Panzerella brought something that was missing with Mitch MacMillan in the lineup, so I guess he can stay with Chyzyk and St. Clair.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'll be happy if we see tonight's lines again on Friday night.

Any thoughts?


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