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  1. Mariucci


    Misfire? He hasn’t even coached a game for the U yet. Same thing was said about Lucia before his hire. He had a terrible time in the WCHA and NCAA playoffs with CC prior to coming to the U but won it all in years 3 and 4.
  2. Wish I could be watching the game I’m not used to this. Pretty spoiled in that regard.
  3. Im not pulling stuff from 1896, just pointing out we're one of the founding members from day 1. That's only true for 6 of the current 14 member institutions.
  4. 7 national titles in football only behind Michigan and OSU in the conference. One of the original 7 members in 1896. 18 football Big Ten titles as well.
  5. It was a clear penalty. Don't worry about the Gophers. Our offense is the real deal but our D and goaltending will be our downfall. Last time I checked the Gophs are 31st nationally defensively. Hard to win 4 straight against good teams with that type of play although Schierhorn has been better as of late.
  6. So what. He goes out of his way to not seem biased.
  7. If the NCAA has a problem with UND incorporating the feathers from the old logo into the new one then we are done as a society. But I honestly would not put it past them. As far as the name goes this was a serious missed opportunity to go with something unique which IMO is the key to a good name and logo. I was in Iowa City last weekend for the football game and all weekend all I heard was "Go Hawks!" I assume this will quickly become common at UND sporting events as well. How could the committee ultimately decide on a name that when you hear it is almost impossible to associate it with an
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