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Well tonight was a wasted chance to give a freshman goalie a bit of actual game time... really questioning Hak's decision to not pull Saunders.

I agree. Its not like Hak doesn't switch up goalies. This would have been a great op to do so.

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If you're going to lose then suck it up hard Clark and go out with style. What a joke performance at this level and that pp was as bad as ever seen. Archibald and zombo bent the whole UND team over. Archie says how do you like them apples

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Sheez. All the negativism. UNO is a good team lead by a great coach. A split is nothing to be ashamed of.

Of course, 5 unanswered goals........

and 0/10 on the PP for the weekend.......

But that great coach didn't even lead his team the entire game! ;)

Sorry, just had to make a smartass comment.

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Alot of the goals tonight were garbage goals. On both sides.

Except for about 5 minutes in the 2nd, when Saunders looked a bit shaken, he played pretty well. I saw some great saves (actually from both goalies). Our offense has to step it up and score, or at least keep play in their end more. And our D men need to own the ice in our zone.

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