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  1. Does UND even look capable of a single win right now? I wonder.
  2. This team is flat out frustrating to watch right now. O-fer in their last three games. Not exactly "surging" are they? Frankly, I think the look like crap.
  3. UND suddenly playing to avoid THREE STRAIGHT LOSSES tomorrow. UND is 2-4-1 in their last 7 games. I don't get how they come out and lay an egg tonight. Should have been pumped to play this game and get back on track (exhibitions don't count, boys)
  4. YES, that made things even worse for me, too!
  5. How the hell can you play a game on national TV in a UND jersey and have the announcers say you looked like you didn't care? UND SUCKED tonight.
  6. For the majority of the game, I thought UND looked pretty good. Some segments when they all looked unfocused, and that led to the last goal for WM certainly. But, a nice bounce back from a week ago, where they played a similar team, and could not get a win. Great to see Cam back. Let's go an a winning streak!
  7. Perhaps in the 2nd period, but certainly not for the full game. UND looked decent tonight. Had a lot of sustained O-zone time in all periods. But, Union transitioned well, and executed when they had chances. UND has to stop gifting the puck with blind cross-ice passes or passes that are too hard for the D to handle.
  8. If UND coughs up the puck as untimely as they did this weekend, they will have a hard time winning any of the next four games.
  9. I thought they played with better intensity tonight. But for 30 seconds there in the 3rd, I thought we were watching last years' team. Play well for a while, then cough up the puck with sloppy play twice to gift the other team 2 in a row. In all fairness, UND is missing too many guys right now. When everyone is healthy, we should see a better team. Having said that, this was a frustrating weekend at best.
  10. Two straight losses. Another Black Friday s#$t show. Way to come ready to play, boys. If they don't get a decent first period tomorrow, the will lose again.
  11. How about sitting Pogo tomorrow? Might help him later. Didn't see the 1st, but saw the rest. I was yelling at the screen in the 2nd, and rightly saying it might be too late in the 3rd. Can't keep having crappy starts on Fridays.
  12. Difference in this game was Goofs buried their chances, and UND's experienced forwards were more or less skunked, especially for the number of shots they had.
  13. My one observation so far this season is that Pogo, Gersich & the experienced guys in general need to get going, or this is gonna be a loooong season. Scoring 1 goal a game aint gonna get it done, and Cam is not capable of shutouts (he always seems to allow 1 or 2). So, if we are not going to out-goaltend other teams, we better damn well get the offense going.
  14. Just when I thought this team was toast, they finally get a sweep and land home ice. Granted, Miami is not very good this year, but still a job well done with their backs against the wall. Hopefully, they play the same way next week.
  15. I've been wrong before (and I've been right). Stick a fork in this turkey, its done.
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