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Next 2 Games are Crucial................


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Next two games will reveal alot about the state of this football program IMO.

If we destroy Montana Western (because we should because we're a DI football program), and if we beat Cal Poly on our turf (because we match up extremely well against them) then I think we could say that the win against SUU was no fluke and that this team has made significant strides and is well on the way to being back to where Sioux football should be.

So far, the team has exceeded my expectations this seasons. I figured we'd be 2-3 with blowout losses to Idaho, Fresno, and SUU. We're sitting at 3-2 with, by my estimation, pleasantly surprising results against Fresno and SUU.

A dominating performance against Montana-Western gives the team confidence. A win against Cal Poly puts us in the driver seat for a conference championship....................

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As a Bison fan.....a Sioux loss to Montana Western would make me smirk......but I am a realist and it ain't gonna happen. It is interesting watching Muss get stuff on track, especially after the QB disaster last year. Kinda like....I feel your pain. Turn arounds can obviously be a lot faster than this fan ever realized. Get a few key positions covered, a little luck with the kids staying healthy....and somehow a football team appears out of the carnage of the previous season.

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