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  1. Excellent Choice and Great Addition!
  2. I'm sure we got out bid and not sure how? These are 2018 Numbers but Nicholls State is not even on the board? I'm guessing they avg 5,000 a game. 2018 Attendance.pdf
  3. Yes, Mac is at 1.5 now.... Shows the importance if we could somehow get to 200+ to 300 we may attract a better option....
  4. I don’t think the numbers on the side are accurate? The USA Today link on the page above has a different rankings...?
  5. This is old but really paints the picture... We are D1? You get what you can afford https://247sports.com/college/west-virginia/Board/105475/Contents/College-Basketball-Coaches-Salaries-54684326/ Jones got a bump to 140,000 but still....
  6. Paul Sather at Northern is probably the Hottest Coach of Late in NSIC. https://nsuwolves.com/coaches.aspx?rc=358
  7. Unless somebody finds the end of a rainbow pot of gold. Saul Philips, Randall Herbst, Paul Sather would all be affordable candidates. Maybe Chaves has a guy in mind, who knows, but ND is a hard school to recruit to for hoops.
  8. Paul Sather from Northern State maybe the Best Coach in our area, and since we are not going to pay more then 200,000 we will get what we can afford.
  9. I heard there will be no logo, just North Dakota
  10. Here is a question. If UND had complete fiscal responsibility for the last 18 years of the REA facilities, tickets, concessions, apparel, where would we be?
  11. Agreed on some points, but a leader also needs to understand the difference between leading and dictating. President Kennedy was also looking for a $50,000 year bartender/party host for his wife while UND was cutting programs and staff. My understanding is the contract between UND and REA is very one sided, takes care of Men's Hockey at REA 1st and foremost. will be interesting if that can change before 2030, not sure this President has the skills necessary to do it.
  12. Chaves May have indeed been the best candidate.... I’m saddened by the way this institution seems to devalue a person who is educated at UND or from ND. Where would we be without Starcher, Clifford, Odegard, Bruce Smith, Davies, Burdick, Wrigley, Schaefer and more? In Athletics Roebuck, Ziegler, Lennon, Schweigert, Hakstol, Berry, Engelstad, Stromberg, Gasparini , Murphy, and more.... This coming from me, a guy with only a HS Education out of Colorado...#sad Should I advise my grandkids to be educated elsewhere if you ever want a chance at a meaningful job at UND.....
  13. I guess there are different levels of Division 1......
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