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Roche called Wild General Manager Doug Risebrough late last season. He wanted to know why, with Brad Bombardir hurting, the Wild called up Curtis Murphy from minor league Houston.

Cool story about Roche and Risebrough.

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there are some posts on poi about comments on Hale and Martin's play last night on the nj message board; can't find a message board on the nj site, however?

did find a wild board, but no info; did Roche play last night?

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I only saw the last 3+ minutes of the Wild game. Roche got extensive ice time as the Wild tried to manufacture a tie.

On one face-off in the right circle, Roche was too far back protecting the blueline to pick up the puck which the center dropped back to him. By the time he got there so did "traffic". Had he gotten it quicker I think Travis would have had a fine opportunity to get it an open wing or bring it closer to the slot as we so often saw him do in college (while everyone was tied up).

Regardless, in the last 30 seconds Travis had at least 1 maybe 2 shots on goal. One was not really a tough save but it appeared in the final flurry he had a shot that carombed across the crease and had there been a winger who could get ahold of it there was an open net for it to be knocked into.

Beyond that I didn't see the game so don't know how he played.

Bombardir got his bell run early on (saw a replay) and couldn't get to his skates, but was skating a shift again by the end of the game.

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Congrats, Notermanns.

Also, SI apparently has listed the Top 30 AHL prospects.


Number 9 looks like this:


9. Ryan Bayda, LW, Lowell (Hurricanes) -- After three solid seasons under the tutelage of coach Dean Blais at the University of North Dakota, Bayda had little trouble adapting to the pro game. Leading the Lock Monsters in scoring despite playing in just two thirds of their games last year, the 22-year-old winger finished his first professional season with a combined 15 goals and 42 assists between Lowell and a 25-game stint with the Hurricanes. Despite a good scoring touch, Bayda, who was taken in the third round of the 2000 draft, has a bright future because of his tenacious defensive play. The Saskatchewan native is a strong forechecker, is adept at killing penalties and is not afraid to dig for pucks in the corners and along the boards. Considering this style, Bayda may have to add some muscle to survive a full season in the NHL but likely will likely get another chance this season.


Nice press for Ryan and UND.

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