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  1. First of all, I would have to whole-heartedly agree that Matt Greene is histarical. I still remember him teaching his freshman dorm-mates how to pick up ladies! Matt is a genuinely nice guy with a great sense of humor and phenomenal story-telling abilities. Second, for all of you...well let's call ourselves "less young" Sioux fans, I found a great article about Karl Goehring playing some unbelievable hockey in Syracuse leading his team to the playoffs and carrying them on his back to several victories. You might also notice that the author claims he lives in Grand Rapids, ND...I have already sent an email asking for a correction. Manitoba Can't Solve Goehring Go Sioux!
  2. tboneund


    I think Lammy is going to rock this season and I can't wait for the puck to drop so we can watch another season of Sioux Hockey! As for the future I would love to see Matt Lundin recruited for next year. He's a product of Apple Valley, MN and played the last two seasons at Maine...he was ranked in the top ten among American goalies going into his freshman season at Maine, but his stock dropped when he didn't get much playing time. He's had to play behind 2 drafted goalies (Jimmy Howard and Ben Bishop) and will spend this season in the USHL before trying to go to another college and get more playing time. I watched this guy at Apple Valley and he was great, he was also named to MN's all state team his Junior and Senior seasons in High School. Probably just a pipe dream though since he would never be long term (only two years of eligibility left). Go Sioux!
  3. Gotta say I'll miss Jake the most. He is by far the classiest guy I have ever met, good-hearted and genuine. He would take the blame for the loss, but give all the credit to the team for a win. He and Josh were quite the pair, I still remember them coming back that freshman season and chanting "Sioux Sweep" and pounding on my door at 3:00am. Best of luck buddy, keep smiling!
  4. I'm not sure, but last I heard the new logo wasn't officially adopted by the university, but since that is what REA uses that is what most products use...I also seem to remember that UND gets a bigger cut from the use of the new logo...funny if it hasn't been officially adopted If anyone knows for sure please feel free to correct me. On a side note I found some intresting Frozen Four Stats: Karl holds the record for lowest GAA and Highest SV% in the FF, ahead of some other guys you may have heard of: Marty Turco and Ken Dryden
  5. If you get it to work on your verizon let me know, I have an LG4600. I would love to have the logo, but I don't want to pay for sufing the net on my phone if it isn't going to work.
  6. Another note about Karl, he now holds the record for most career wins for a Syracuse goalie...a first of many records he will hold if given the time.
  7. I try not to get involved in goalie debates here because most fans don't really understand much about the position. I will admitt I am no expert, but since I began watching hockey I have always payed closer attention to goalies. I might be the only person that thinks a 0-0 game is the best kind in hockey because it means both goalies were perfect. That said, we have threee goalies. Jordan is over-rated, average at best. His positioning last year was good and that helped him, he needs to get back to that and realize his puck-handling skills are not getting any better so he should stay in the net. Although, I would take a goalie who is average for every game over one who is hot sometimes and cold others because the consistency is often more valuable. Lammy is above average, mabye not the second coming of Karl yet, but he will be a legend given time, he is a FRESHMAN!!! He has shown great leaps forward, but cannot be expected to carry this team on his back. Jake is a proven goalie. Anyone who saw him play the at the excel and blames him for the loss has got to be joking, talk about major defensive breakdowns. The guy is awesome, the biggest compliment I can give him is that I would call him a friend. If someone is going to provide that "spark" or pull off a miracle it will be Jake. For whatever reason he hasn't played much this year, even before the injury, which was not a stupid mistake. Another note: These guys are human, they are in college, they occationally do things that I'm sure they wish they could take back. Who hasn't done something stupid when they were young? That is the great thing about being in college, it's a time when you can make mistakes and learn from them and grow as a person. Oh yeah, the reason I started this rant in the first place...I think Jake should be given a chance, if healthy, because at this point we have nothing to lose. The way this team has under-performed, I don't think they are going to turn things around without some kind of change being made. If Jake wins, Hak is a genius (as said before) if he loses, well people can continue to blame Jake and the other goalies for our lack of offence.
  8. I collect Sioux goalie memorabilia and I would love to get my hands on the posters that they put into the programs...or at least used to. If anyone has some programs from this year and would be willing to part with the centerfold poster of one of UND's fine goalies please let me know.
  9. tboneund


    Diggler for one can attest to my love for Goehring, but Lammy has proven to be the real deal this year, hopefully he doesn't crumble under the pressure. Take the #1 from Parise and slap it on Lammy's jersey because this kid is the second coming of Karl...or at least the closest thing we'll see for a long time.
  10. Karl Goehring, no doubt about it, the best goalie UND has seen. Stopping pucks was an art form for Karl, especially against the Gophers...I can recall more than one flashy save, not because he was out of position, but because he liked to show off in front of his home town crowd.
  11. I still think Brandt is our best goalie, although I look forward to Parise and Lammy taking the reigns when he's gone. That said I had to vote for Lammy right now because he is doing well right now and I think good play should be rewarded by more starts, I say the same thing when Jake plays well. I like the "start whoever is playing better" mentality.
  12. Jake for at least one of the two because of his experience, but Lammy also deserves another start, especially after last weekend.
  13. Karl didn't play Saturday night for the Crunch, but Bochenski suited up for the Baby Senators and scored Binghamton's only goal. Syracuse won 2-1 despite being outshot 47-21.
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