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  1. You may be confused. Who was laughing? You need to learn your emojis. I’ve pretty much lamented the loss of every restaurant in GF in this thread, and advocated for many more to open. And pointing out the glut of commercial real estate in GF is hardly controversial. And do whatever you want, but you’re heartless to dismiss the harmful effects of a monthlong closure of MN restaurants that started Friday on a perceived political snub. Your snide reference to Walz implies that you’re far more interested in playing politics than a local economic issue of great public concern.
  2. Here's a food related question for any architects, commercial real estate folks, developers, etc. Are you seeing a COVID-push yet where quick-serve and family casual dining areas will be shrunk down/eliminated, and are construction and design evolving to accentuate both drive-thru and pick-up options? Are people even spending money right now on conventional restaurant spaces?
  3. Thank God there is so much demand - and such low vacancy - in Grand Forks for strip malls right now. Seriously though, I think the land immediately south of Honda/Nissan is being developed for...wait for it...a strip mall. At least that's what the rendering appeared to show on the sign as I drove by.
  4. So named because if you drink enough of it, you'll sleep right through Belone, Beltwo, and Belthree.
  5. Couple-skating to "Endless Love" in a darkened Xcel Energy Center, on a rink of frozen tears of youth hockey players, probably.
  6. I urge everyone to get out in the next 48 hours and eat somewhere - ANYWHERE - in EAST Grand Forks. Those businesses need it.
  7. I don't get the "pause" mentality. Ostensibly, the ONLY reason you do ongoing, surveillance testing is to have real-time information at a very micro level. If there is one positive test, then you can remove that person (who can then re-test and confirm, a la Nick Saban), but the surveillance testing continues so the team activities should continue. You would "pause" only if you had so many positives that the ability of the team to prepare, travel and compete was compromised. What am I missing? Why bother testing with precision if your response is entirely lacking in precision?
  8. Start of season suspended until at least December 14.
  9. Winter sports nixed until December 14, at the soonest.
  10. There are (at least) 3 kinds of justice: 1. Retributive 2. Restorative 3. Rehabilitative If for any reason you just can't get past (1), you are likely a cretin or a neanderthal. At the very least, you don't have a sufficient grasp of the concept. Opportunities missed, sadly.
  11. Somebody call 911...new dumpster fire smoldering. When has this ever not been the case? The old and infirm have ALWAYS been vulnerable to diseases contracted from healthy and asymptomatic carriers. The solution has never been to restrain movement of all to lower the risk to the few. Why not let the young go about living - or at least have the choice to do so, and let the vulnerable population self-isolate - or at least have the choice to do so. “Rejoice, O young man in thy youth.”
  12. Takeaways: MILLER - neutral. Don't know the kid. Don't condone bad behavior but also not going to second guess anyone who had far more information than me. Remorse and contrition are internal to the individual, and not for you and me to judge or quantify. There's a reason why we seal juvenile records (don't yell at me, yell at your legislators). There are civil lawsuits to redress harm done; ironically, an NHL contract deepens the defendant's pockets. Lots of hypocrites out there screaming for blood from the safety of anonymity or the secure knowledge that their past transgressions
  13. It's gotten a hell of a lot more play here than when it came up in the Committed Recruits thread in late June...that was only a couple of pages. I guess the draft and the proximity of the season are to blame. But I do wonder if some of the kid's harshest critics will change their tune if he starts putting up points. Will there be darts thrown when people see "UND GOAL - MILLER!" posted in a game thread? Or boos at the Ralph, assuming fans are in attendance?
  14. Your exact quote was "I don't understand..." and now you're saying the issue is not on your end? Seriously.
  15. Sports has a unique and powerful capacity for change, and redemption. There is a good story for every bad. A good outcome for every poor. Maybe you should binge watch Real Sports on HBO...they do a great job of humanizing a lot of these issues. Forgiveness and opportunity are hallmarks of both Christianity and Americana. Only a cold hearted SOB or a blatant hypocrite would take a hard line.
  16. Do people seriously expect something more than has already been said? You do realize that athletics departments have since the dawn of time embraced minimalism vis-a-vis SA behavior. Do either of the phrases “the team is handling this matter internally” and “federal student privacy laws prevent us from...” ring a bell?
  17. If only they could convert the Dumpster Fire thread into some form of reusable energy...
  18. Everyone can express their opinion by not going to UND games this season. That'll show them.
  19. Two things: 1. If you profess to be a Christian, and you can't square UND's move with this kid, shame on you. Go back to Sunday School and apologize to that poor lady. 2. Would you rather see the skeleton in the room, or all of the ones in the closets that you don't yet know about? I would say the people who have had their sins laid bare are always a far safer bet than the "angels."
  20. Only at autopsy can you really know what's in someone's heart, and even then, it's kind of mushy. Who gets to be the arbiter of "remorse", anyway? It's a silly notion, frankly, but ripe fodder for the smug internet hit mob, for whom no apology is ever genuine or sincere enough.
  21. So the NCHC just retweeted a UNO picture of the ice at Baxter, and the red and black O is painted at center ice. Open question...should it have been painted neutral for the "pod"? Maybe a conference logo at center? Was there no potential for ad revenue for non-UNO games? Maybe the conference could have sold some dashers and ice real estate and distributed the revenue among the conference teams, or to defray pod-related expenses. (As I recall, the NHL changed out dashers between games, so that is obviously still a possibility.) Not saying the REA would or wouldn't be down with the
  22. Too many woke Karens complaining to the floor manager at Scheel's.
  23. That's one early departure from UND that still stings. Precipitated the two-year NCAA drought. Not blaming him, but somebody needs to be a poster boy to get kids to stay.
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