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  1. NOW we can start sharpening our asterisk pencils, right? The legitimacy of the title with a bye or two out of a field of 68 is one thing, but 16?
  2. Plenty of room for a Pepperjax.
  3. Can't spell mAx distANCing without NCAA.
  4. This is going to sound petty, but the Midco pre-game hosts are wearing masks, while there are at least two pairs of the KVLY pre-game crew (field and booth) who aren't. And the Midco guys just look plain silly. And their muffled voices are ridiculous. Advantage: NDSU
  5. Well, technically, that game was at the bottom of the region, not the top. So...
  6. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  7. Other than a single Tweet that obviously was planned, composed, and required some thought, and reflection by the author, and served as his official introduction to the UND hockey community and a significant milestone in his life...what else would I have to go on? Can we not assess or judge people on their own acts and words? Or is play on the ice the sole determinant?
  8. Women's semi-pro volleyball has the night off.
  9. If nothing else tonight, I learned that there is such a thing as semi-pro women’s volleyball. On TV. Live. And that’s a win in my book.
  10. For the record, 1:13 of game time missed for...semi-pro women’s volleyball??? How much did CBS pay for the FF broadcast rights?
  11. Damnit. Now I'll spend way too much time watching this guy's channel.
  12. Maturity. Character. Critical reasoning. Ability to deal with adverse or unpleasant facts.
  13. So I just now happened upon the home page of the Omaha newspaper... Top story, main page. Obit for mayor’s husband. That’s some home town trolling right there. Article has full size photo with caption (and Sioux logo).
  14. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31007034/greg-mcdermott-suspended-creighton-racially-insensitive-comments The more I think about the Creighton situation, it dawns on me that a 56-year-old WHITE man who has been around the sport of basketball for the vast majority of his life, doesn't just become a racist, or even racially or culturally insensitive, overnight. If there is any sport out there that is uniquely situated to weed out racism and intolerance, it has to be basketball, given its endemic diversity. As opposed to, say, NASCAR or any of the country-club s
  15. Yeah, yeah, we get all that. But what we really want to know is...are they wearing masks?
  16. It's 2021, so I suppose that all language, culture, history, idioms, expressions, phrases, analogies, figures of speech, etc., including without limitation the brazenly callous works of one Dr. Seuss, MUST BE WHITEWASHED immediately. fake MODERATOR NOTE: This account has been permanently banned for the use of unacceptable language (shown above in red). Irony is dead. Acceptable alternative phrasing is WASHED, MINDWASHED, or WISHYWASHED. There will be no warnings issued.
  17. Sad to hear of the passing of Irv Cross, but damn...seeing some of those old 'NFL Today' promotional cast photos takes me right back to my childhood. I was endlessly fascinated by, and will never forget, Jimmy "The Greek." What a personality he was. And Irv was the perfect, smooth and mellow antidote to Brent Musburger, who has to be the most universally unloved, "why's he always pulling for the other team?" CFB sportscaster of all time. Sports on TV without much in the way of gimmick or hype. Seems so quaint and pure in retrospect. I also dearly miss halftime highlights on M
  18. Some random week 1 observations, mostly about the new turf: - What's with the thick, solid yellow lines bisecting the sidelines at the 50? - What are the small yellow squares scattered about the turf that just happen to look an awful lot like penalty flags? - Was the logo at midfield scaled specifically to permit "Alerus Center" to be more legible, or is it that size by design? - Why does Hugo's even advertise? They have a literal monopoly on non-superstore groceries in the area. - What's needed? Fewer pacifier-style mouth guards.
  19. https://jalopnik.com/chief-of-cherokee-nation-says-its-time-for-jeep-to-find-1846319386 Jeep already has a Hawk, so the answer seems clear. #fightingtrailhawk
  20. As if all Tahoes waiting back at tahotel weren't enough.
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