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  1. I thought of that as well, but the sign literally reads "Coming Soon" and there's a rendering of the finished structure with a Koda Bank sign on it. It does appear to be a multi-use office building, so the bank branch would likely be just be one occupant.
  2. Ground broken for a large commercial development at 40th & Columbia. Sign says "Koda Bank" coming soon. Had never heard of it, but it appears to be a small-town rural bank.
  3. With so many things on hold and the snow about to fly in GF, we might as well fire this one up. Thoughts? Predictions? COVID impacts? It's early, but the NDHSAA website shows a possible outdoor game (?) between GFRR and GPR at Cushman Field on November 24. Can anyone confirm?
  4. Well, for starters, they should absolutely plan on giving something up for Lent. Bad turnovers, maybe? Stupid penalties?
  5. And then you realize that Giants and Jets start with different letters...but the same sound.
  6. It took a global pandemic...but Bettman didn't get a single boo.
  7. Omaha hemorrhaging badly this year: NCAA Mens Basketball 1st/2nd round, NCAA College World Series, NCAA Volleyball Final Four, Olympic Swim Trials. All canceled. Hard to deny them an opportunity for something.
  8. Random thought...how much money is it costing the Lightning to not be going on their deep run at home in Florida, where there is no state income tax?
  9. There's plenty to be negative about these days, and heaven knows that NCHC.tv hasn't always been perfect, but I received this in my e-mail today and I kinda smiled. I have to say...the fact that this vendor literally SUSPENDS your service at the end of the season, automatically RE-ACTIVATES it at the beginning of the next, and is even monitoring the current situation just makes me feel good. Can anyone name another service that literally leaves (your) money on the table by not making you jump through the hoops of start/stop/start? Thanks, NCHC.tv, for making my day.
  10. The two-game lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey.
  11. First round: 5 4-1s, 3 4-2s. Someone should run numbers historically, but it just seems this year like there are an unusually large number of teams playing with resignation once they get down in the series. Bubble fatigue? (Last year it looks like there were 5 game 7's in the first two rounds.) Boston is a great example. Played lights out early in game 1 to go up 3-0, but Tampa closed strong. Bruins lose game 2 in OT, and then get outscored 10-2 in next 2 games. Just not the same team on the ice.
  12. Post-game presser for CGY: Really proud of our guys. They played a full six minutes tonight, when everything was on the line.
  13. New Taco John's on Gateway is open; nice concept. Open and airy. And most of all, clean. Hearing the 24th Ave location is now closed; possibly for reconstruction or remodel. Which badly needed to happen.
  14. This seems like a huge smoke screen. Young healthy people have nearly ideal COVID outcomes, so where are the damages? Surely it will have been the players' choice to play or opt out for the season. And how many 18-22 year olds would enjoy having their personal lives exhaustively probed and cell phone records disclosed, detailing all of the places they had been before they were "tragically stricken" due to the "callous indifference" of the conferences, coaches, and schools?
  15. Upvoted not because I enjoy working that hard for a yuk, but because I want to see this thread succeed.
  16. Not sure I like the move. Lost opportunity to cash in with casual viewers drawn in by the marathon match that is generating a lot of non-hockey buzz, in addition to the special circumstances of this year's playoffs. Would be nice to have 2 prime time games deep into the night, They're big boys...they can stay up late.
  17. Instead of sponsoring bricks at the new Union, you can now sponsor a sheet of plexiglas or a container of Clorox wipes.
  18. Smiling Moose has some pretty good breakfast items, which they serve all day. Give them a try!
  19. Maybe a 3-goal game during a pandemic with no fans in attendance should be called a mask-trick, and everyone in the arena who happens to be wearing a face covering should be required to throw theirs onto the ice.
  20. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/6579543-REPORT-Former-UND-Provost-Tom-DiLorenzo-killed-in-South-Carolina
  21. Which pro sports league do they play for, the Auto Correct Athletic Association?
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