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  1. Meh, limited real estate there. Thought absolutely nothing of it. Besides, those ads were sold well in advance of knee-gate.
  2. You're one of those 'have a headache => must be an inoperable brain tumor' types, aren't you?
  3. Now you're just making things up to get angry about. First thing first, let's let the rumor be confirmed, and then let's have the ad market dry up, and then you can fret.
  4. Short-sighted decision, if true. A public statement would have sufficed. Then again. it's not like Rydell needs the additional exposure of buying ad time/space at REA. Their brand is ubiquitous. Next car dealer up. Maybe Corwin or Luther wants some market penetration in GF?
  5. And why is that? It's abundantly clear to me that the reverence several people on here feel for the flag and anthem is on par with religion. The Mass is a rite full of symbolic words and gestures engaged in by a group of like-minded individuals, just like standing and singing the national anthem or reciting the pledge of allegiance. Any deviation from the norm is both noteworthy and immediately perceptible. I think the parallels are far more than you realize.
  6. "...spitting on a flag draped coffin in front of the family."
  7. Thanks for the tip, but I'd say the poster made it pretty gosh darn clear what is in her heart. A lot of unresolved grief and resentment, apparently, manifesting in a positively vile way that projects onto others and seems to blind her to or at least limit her view on a complex issue.
  8. That's heavy. Ironically, perhaps, Steve and Leo died under an oath to defend the Constitution, not your feelings. But what's done is done. Maybe you should endeavor to understand what is in those players' hearts, rather than judge them on a single perceived slight. Cheers.
  9. All things old are new again. From a different thread, almost five years ago* (* not picking on UND1983, just recalled this discussion and this post stood out when I looked back) From today's GF Herald: https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/6785561-UNDs-diversity-inclusion-task-force-issues-recommendations How will this play with the 'administrative bloat at UND is bad' crowd? Especially since UND ended up making some significant administrative cuts, as I recall.
  10. Go [insert generic adjective]HAWKS!
  11. Quote a single one. Post it in response to this. I'll wait.
  12. The world is full of information, messages, and stimuli - conflicting values - some of which are unpleasant, and most of which are completely sub-conscious or conveniently ignored. Look around you. Shirts, brands, imported cars, bumper stickers, billboards, political signs left in a yard long past an election, certain businesses (Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby come to mind)...you can't walk in a store or drive down a street without being bombarded with potentially controversial information. Some is self-defined, some requires context, some requires you to have had past experiences. If
  13. This would be comical if it weren't so pathetic. Three posts in less than 12 hours complaining about the manner of expression but offering literally NOTHING in the way of suggestions. What types of constructive and non-offensive acts would you have these young men do? If you're going to tell people to change and not do X, at least have the common courtesy to offer something up. Especially when X is not harming you, other than offending your own personal and moral (i.e., not legal) sense of "right and wrong."
  14. And? What's so terrible about letting the significance and importance of speech and expression be up to the individual engaging in it, and not everyone else? It's one of the quintessential notions of the American ideal. Many of the people we now celebrate were chastised by the masses.
  15. I can't even get two pages in this thread without gagging at the hypocrisy, so my expectations are somewhat tempered.
  16. Imagine if you could draw a thought bubble to each of the 11,000+ people in this photo at this precise moment and literally read every mind. If you're expecting 11,000+ examples of "God and Country and nothing else," you're going to be disappointed.
  17. What is so ridiculous about this mindset is that EVERYBODY complains - whether it's rioting or kneeling - and NOBODY has ever put forth what might be an acceptable form of protest or expression. And it seems a lot of people want to completely ignore the chorus of countless combat veterans who readily admit that they fought for the very right and freedom which you now propose to restrict. If everyone gets a say on what is 'acceptable,' then nothing will be acceptable. All people ever hear is what they're not supposed to do. How about we brainstorm solutions rather than passing off the p
  18. Been there, done that. The MM thread was locked weeks ago. Whatever was left of that horse was reduced to bloody pulp.
  19. With all due respect, most of the angst about the rioting, protesting, and looting was not that the idiots shouldn't have had the right to demonstrate or display (in fact, the overwhelming public sentiment was exactly that), but that they simply chose the wrong tactic, the wrong method, and the wrong venue. Assuming that you're on board with freedom of expression, would you place quietly kneeling during an anthem on the end of the spectrum closest to - or furthest from - burning down a Target?
  20. I'm reminded of going to church as a Catholic. As rote as many of the traditions of Mass are, including the predictable collective standing, kneeling, etc., I can recall several parishioners who would genuflect or kneel while others were standing, or who would bow their heads at different times. Even when taking communion, some do a sign, others genuflect right there at the altar, and some did both, while many others did nothing. Nobody ever said "Boo" about it, including my hyper-Catholic, nun-trained, Mass-every-day father. It was their thing. Their relationship with God. Who was a
  21. Center ice camera man panned right on the long clearing try but was way too slow and missed Duluth's ENG. Not a great start for the Pod's TV crew. Early season rust, hopefully.
  22. Lest we pile on, and I'm on the record here as loving his story as 'good for ND,' I would say this about CW and stats: INTs - could well be on him, although it's always been interesting to me that INTs are charged to the QB regardless of who's at fault (although I understand why that's done). FUMBLES - well, he is a scrambling QB, and QB's touch on pretty much every snap, so as a function/ratio I don't quite know how to assess this, but it is definitely a ball security issue. SACKS - unless he's making bad decisions, this is hardly his fault. I've never felt he was super ac
  23. Friendly reminder that Hugo's is closed ALL DAY on Thanksgiving (as are both Target and Wal*Mart), so if you haven't double-checked supplies for your family's feast, and you want to avoid a last-minute trip to Fargo (or at least somewhere other than GF), tonight is it! And Happy Thanksgiving 2020!
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