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  1. I hear the SDSU forum offers a pretty decent NIL package. I’m sure they would take you and you can post all your portal takes there.
  2. Im more worried about your mental health lately. You alright?
  3. I’m going to miss Stevens
  4. Never said anything was wrong with it, just was giving my perspective and opinion. I appreciate the time the players gave to UND, I dont gain anything from players leaving and failing. When they leave and succeed it at least looks good for the program in the fact we recruited and signed a talent player. I have no ill will towards most of the players that have left and dont hold a grudge. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to be a fan, just my perspective. It could be right, wrong or somewhere in the middle.
  5. this might be my favorite post of this forum. I would say a coworker leaving for a higher paying job with a more prestigious company might be a better example
  6. Enough portal talk though, does anyone know who UND is looking at with the last scholarships? Any visits coming up? I saw they were talking to Luca Colceag a 6’9” forward from Eastern Florida
  7. Obviously I can’t read your mind but I just get the feeling that every kid that enters the portal from UND or elsewhere you think/want to fail at their next school. Maybe Im too optimistic but I’d rather see guys succeed especially guys that I have been cheering for. I might not like/agree with the decisions they make to leave and where they go but at the end of the day the players are going to do what they feel is best for themselves.
  8. I dont think anyone said or implied that, I think most of us are fans of BJ’s game and appreciated his 2 years on campus and hope the best for him. I’m not going to pray on a kid’s downfall just because he made a decision to leave. Not like he left to transfer to NDSU
  9. Not to hard for kids to find a way to get to campus especially when its over a month away. There is a lot of unsigned seniors and transfers out there right now. He might’ve been waiting for a certain offer or just waiting on the portal to calm down
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