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  1. There is another reason. If the building has central air, then the landlord has to pay the monthly cost of it. He can do that and raise the rent, making his apartments sound even less affordable, or he can do window units and let the tenant worry about the monthly cost of cooling the apartment.
  2. Where to eat in GF, is there a forum on that somewhere?
  3. Anyone got a single they want to sell for Sat DU series, test me 701-721-6742
  4. This team just plain sucks! I'm done watching. It's too painful.
  5. Great response! First, label anyone whose opinion you dispute, because that de-legitimizes them. And let's definitely use the r word because you're the only one that knows what a racist is, and anyone that has a different opinion than you has to be one, no matter what they disagree with you on. Second, create a strawman, in your case a tea partier, or even a specific person--Clive Bundy. Then, attack the strawman. You've now attempted to show how stupid someone is that isn't even involved in the conversation! What an amazing feat! But, you really haven't addressed anything that anyone was discussing, Basically, there can be no opinion but yours. And we can't even discuss the difficulty of being a police officer in a high crime black neighborhood, or find out from you if there is ever a scenario where shooting a suspect is justified. One last thing. Do you actually know any of the protesters, and how hard does the average tea partier work? Who's lumping people together now? Might I suggest you look up the word "bigot?" You might see a familiar face there.
  6. I don't usually jump on fire the coach forums but...it's time!
  7. We have plenty of 3 point shooters---Dyer, Strand, and Lauck, among others. Must have just been an off night for them.
  8. I agree that Brewster did some coaching to keep this team's head in the game after that first half. I thought Wis-Milwaukee had some excellent players and our girls did an amazing job in shutting them down in the second half. Bailey is already an excellent player who's not afraid to pull the trigger on the 3 pointer. We've got a solid first eight players. They should make for a very fun year since they're very well coached.
  9. Her Mom is Julie Wald Stewart. Julie played at UND, and was an outstanding player. She's now coaching her daughter's team at Ryan after being a college coach in Seattle. She knows what she's doing. Hannah has faced some very good competition at various basketball venues with their club team. I believe their high school/club team also beat the class A powers at a summer tournament last summer. But, she's probably an even better softball player than a bb player and will probably have offers from D1 powers to play that instead of bb. Hannah could definitely play bb at UND if she chose to play in ND after high school. We've had a lot of girls from small schools in MN do very well for us here.
  10. Who is this Burger guy & how does he know everything?
  11. Does anyone know if the Sioux are showing any interest in Harrison Aide, Mr Hockey for this year? The kid can obviously put the puck in the net!
  12. The best burger in GF is Speedway. Their popper burger is amazing! And their fries are good too.
  13. That sounds much like a condescending gopher fan talking down GF. We're better than that--and I'm sure that Houghton is a great place
  14. That's the way I remember it when he was here. But now I here Paul Allen and NHL announcers saying "Pa REES ay." Either Zach has changed the pronunciation (ala Joe Theisman), we had it wrong all along, or the announcers don't have a clue.
  15. You guys tried a burger at Speedway? Unbelievable! Especially the Popper burger!
  16. I found it here: http://www.examiner.com/college-hockey-in-national/bracketology-sees-two-potential-brackets-the-committee-could-go-with
  17. Bracketology predicts these brackets as of today: Northeast Regional 1 Boston College vs. 16 Western Michigan 8 Union vs. 9 Massachusetts-Lowell West Regional 3 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 14 Michigan State 6 Minnesota vs. 11 Maine East Regional 4 Miami-Ohio vs. 13 Cornell 5 Boston University vs. 12 Denver Midwest Regional 2 Michigan vs. 15 AHA Champion 7 Ferris State vs. 10 North Dakota I'm ok with that.
  18. Maybe now we can put this "NDSU shouldn't bother playing UND because it's a mismatch" idea to bed now, in everything, including football. This is a rivalry and the games, for the most part, would be close, just like they've always been over the years. This is too much fun not to do as often as possible. Both schools benefit from it and the student bodies need it.
  19. I wasn't a Tebow fan until the haters started discounting everything he does. No, he doesn't pay defense. No, he doesn't kick fieldgoals. No he isn't the running back. No he doesn't catch passes. And no, he doesn't try to take the credit for the wins. But, what he does do is scare the crap out of the opposing defenses with his running potential which opens up the running game for the backs and the passing game. And what he does do is get them into position to win with a fieldgoal--no he doesn't kick it but neither does Aaron Rodgers. And what he does do is play great in the 4th quarter--when it really counts. And what he is doing is getting better every week at passing--which is what all the talking heads grade QBs on. So the haters can keep gnashing their teeth and attempting to find other things to attribute the wins to besides Tebow. But his Broncos teammates will tell you what stallion they're riding to the playoffs.
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