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  1. Yes, that is a convenient argument, but, if we can’t disprove systemic racism with data, then it can’t be done. We can’t climb inside peoples minds—yet. Until then, I guess we have to take their word for it—“inherent racism” I believe they call it.
  2. A Harvard economist, Roland Fryer, who happens to be black, and the youngest to ever achieve tenure at Harvard, set out to prove your premise, that blacks were shot more often than whites by white cops. However, Fryer found, as he put it: "The most surprising result I have found in my entire career." The result? That blacks are actually 23.5% less likely to be shot by cops than whites. His paper is entitled: "An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force. It's on the internet." Fryer concluded: “It is plausible that racial differences in lower level uses of force are simply a distraction and movements such as Black Lives Matter should seek solutions within their own communities rather than changing the behaviors of police and other external forces.” Fryer, concluded that racial disparities in police shootings, i.e. wherein the percentage of blacks shot make up more than their percentage of the population in general, stems primarily from racial disparities in criminal behavior. In other words, police shootings are a function of how often police officers encounter violent and armed individuals. By the way, Fryer is not a conservative--he is a professor at the most liberal university in the country. His study and conclusions were echoed in a subsequent paper by the University of Maryland and Michigan State University--"Officer characteristics and Racial Disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings." So, no, the data does not indicate what you suggest--in fact, just the opposite. There are typically about 1000 people fatally shot nationwide per year by cops. That number has held pretty steady since 2015. Blacks consistently make up about 25% of that number. You would argue that shows racism, because blacks only make up about 12.5% of the population. But, in the latest nationwide crime data available, 2018, blacks committed 53% of the homicides and 60% of the robberies--see above about getting shot being a function of how often you encounter a police officer in a high intensity situation. In 2018, there were 7,407 black homicides. In 88% of the cases, the responsible person was black. From 1976 to 2005, 94% of the killers of blacks were other blacks. The data is out there if anyone really wants to find it. The 4 cops in Minneapolis should be prosecuted, but cops in general are not the problem.
  3. Not criticizing your take on this because I totally understand it, but why do we always respond based on the amount of uproar. Because many speakers, and many movements, specialize in maximizing uproar. We tend to misjudge the amount, or the volume, of uproar as indicative of public sentiment. Not always true, and maybe hardly ever true nowadays...
  4. I apologize up front but I’m going to rant a bit. GF is certainly not MSP or Fargo; it can’t be because there aren’t enuf people. But there are certainly some good restaurants in town. Pizza? It doesn’t get a lot better than Up North, Rhombus, or Mikes. Fine Dining? The Frog is excellent, and Elys isn’t bad either.Good taco joint? Anyone heard of the Pepper? Good steaks, seafood, & burgers? Speedway comes to mind.Breakfast? Darcy’s anyone? Like many of us, I worked in restaurants when I was in college, and I’ve been peripherally involved (silent partner) in a restaurant in the past. And I’ve been involved in a few other businesses as well. What I learned is there is no tougher business to make a buck in than the restaurant business. Everyone is a critic and knows much more about running a restaurant than the proprietor. And no one attempts to understand that the restaurant owner can’t always control the cook who has a hangover, or the server that decides not to show up that day, or the steak that is tough. Many of us just go straight to social media and tube any place that didn’t meet our expectations that day. Think about that for a second. What if our job was constantly subject to social media criticism? Not always fun. Our town will always have the restaurants it deserves because it will have the restaurants that we frequent. The ones that cater to a very small portion of the public won’t survive. The ones that satisfy a good cross section of the public will. Supply & demand. Simple, but complicated.
  5. Well done! Nice to get another perspective, in addition to Schloss and everyone on here. Love reading everything Sioux.
  6. Any projections on who our starting 6 defensemen will be once JBD is back? We’ve got a good “problem” there...
  7. I always wonder about people that call others "band wagon" fans. It's as if they're saying they are the only true fans and no one else has a right to support their team. But, how much fun would it be if fandom were limited to only "true" fans? Isn't it a big part of the fun when we have lots of fans, and the Ralph is raucous, and we dominate opposing teams' arenas, and we party like rock stars in Vegas, and Tampa, and Nashville? C'mon, we all have at least one thing in common--we love the Fighting Sioux! And it doesn't matter how old or how new the love is. All that matters is the love!
  8. Ah, hubris...it’s only a matter of time now...
  9. Wow, what a fun game to watch. Up tempo, balanced scoring, good D, and the crowd... as good as it gets. Can't tell me that team couldn't have played with, or more likely beaten, any of the DI teams we've had here. Really miss that...
  10. Totally agree on hiring a coach that can win versus winning the press conference. Can UND prove it’s a legit DI school? The answer up to now has been obvious...
  11. You're not quite right. We eat there all the time and know the owners--Trish & Jim. They have always owned Speedway, but took it over from a manager that wasn't getting the job done back in 08 or 09. The also owned Boston's but couldn't work with the franchisor so they sold the building to Space Alien's. Love the Popper burger, cheeser cheesers (deep fried mac & cheese), queso, and steaks. And the Speedway sauce!
  12. Something else we suck at. How is our bowling team doing?
  13. Philly is a _ _ _ _ hole town for so many reasons. The Flyers couldn’t have handled this any worse if they tried. There’s s reason they suck. Hak should be happy to be out of there. But, otherwise, I love Philadelphia...
  14. Another effing “locker room problem” year? How many of those can we have? Good coaches don’t allow that to happen
  15. So was it I wa bu che, or E wa bu che? Was never sure. Did he not play on the 80 natty team?
  16. Please forgive my ignorance, but is there a place where I can find out who our committed recruits are for 2018, 2019, etc? I thought wiki showed that but it only goes thru 2015. Thanks for any help.
  17. Big Lubowski

    2018 Season

    So, you've criticized Bubba, Rudolf, the O line, the offensive schemes, the defense, and the marketing department, in the last month alone, in addition to anyone saying anything positive about the 2018 team. You forgot to dump on the cheerleaders; I hear several of them weren't practicing their pyramids this summer. Being a fan usually means you actually like the team. And, being a fan, most of us would like to have positive thoughts for the new season that's on the horizon right now. Sure, it may not play out positively, but is it wrong for a fan to hope that it does? We can all castigate whomever we feel is responsible if, and when, everything goes south. It seems that you would rather predict failure and hope that you're right so you can say "I told you so." I guess I'd rather live in "UND fantasy land" than Nohopeville.
  18. Big Lubowski

    2018 Season

    Maybe this has already been addressed by someone, but I did not see Ray Haas on the roster. Is he gone?
  19. So the Pepper also changed their hot sauce a while back. It’s thicker now, and in my opinion, not near as good. Anybody else have a problem with it?
  20. If he did that, he would be calling McGarry a liar. I suspect he wanted to avoid doing that.
  21. I don’t have any idea what the true story is here but it should be pointed out that McGarry is also doing battle with UNLV, her alma mater, and has rescinded their $14m donation to the Med school there because the president was “pushed out.” I understand big donors have significant influence, and that college presidents and governing boards can all be very obtuse, but how much control and influence do we want non-elected individuals to have with state run institutions? The fact that McGarry requested this interview tells me she intended to throw a grenade here, and hopes to get a certain result—-Kennedy gone, or Kennedy more agreeable to what she proposes. Again, I don’t know much about Kennedy, or his abilities, but these tactics by McGarry seem pretty strong-armed. They really put Kennedy in a difficult position. The Ralph donation wasn’t a contract with the devil, but UND certainly sold its soul to a certain extent, and it has to be somewhat frustrating for a college President not to have full control of its major sports—hockey, and men’s & womens b-ball.
  22. You never answered my question. Any info about businesses lobbying for the change? Grand Forks planning decisions usually come from the bureaucrats in city hall. Not a downtown business owner, but weary of people blaming them for stuff our government does.
  23. Did you see anything about business owners lobbying for this? Yeah, they’re always getting something for free.
  24. This guy...doesn't have a freaking clue. Team looked bad tonight. No scorers except Klabo.
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