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  1. Agree. I attended my first women's game on Friday night and the play was so impressive I went Saturday night as well. The one timers and the slapshots by the Lamoueux girls were men's team worthy. Plus Karvinen took a pass in front of the goal as she was skating laterally by the goal mouth and put it in behind her back--truly Truppworthy! These girls can skate!
  2. I'm showing my age, but the Sioux had a little guy by the name of Kevin Maxwell back in 1979 that lit it up his first year here. If Grimaldi is anything like him, we're in for a treat.
  3. Iverson is 6-10, plays F/C. He's a junior. He's from SD so our chances probably aren't good, but if he sees a team on the rise where his addition could make a big difference...
  4. 2 lower bowl tickets AA saturday night. Call me at 701-721-6742
  5. I don't mind Suhaki, but I love Tsunami. Seriously, it's unique, just like fighting sioux. And what is the NCAA going to say about it?
  6. My son and I would love to go. We're longtime Sioux hockey fans. Call me if you still have any tickets. 701-721-6742.Thanks. Looks like I don't have all those friends that I thought I had. Family too. Anyway, I likely have two lower bowl singles for FRIDAY, and anywhere from 2-4 lower bowl singles for SATURDAY, for the Gopher series. TicketBastard receipt is just shy of $60 per ticket. Yikes! This, of course, is my price. I figure I can make fifty seven cents or so on each. PM me if interested. No ReSellers Please. Fans planning to put their arses in the seats only.
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