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  1. So, by my count there are 6 new restaurants coming to town. But the ones that are here apparently have significant staffing problems and many are limiting hours and closing Sundays because of those problems. I’ve heard rumors that a few of the new restaurants are physically ready to open but can’t because of staff problems. Wonder how this is going to work out in the end. More closures ala Sickies?
  2. GF, the city bureaucracy, has a rep for being difficult to deal with—ask any developer from out of town. That goes a long way in people making development decisions, when there are alternatives, and there always are. (I think if Bochenski just changes that, he’ll have accomplished a lot.) And there can be more anti-outsider bias in GF than in Fargo, imho... That’s certainly a subjective view but one that is shared by more than a few.
  3. Do you have the same numbers for the Bismarck/Mandan metro? It would be interesting to see if those more closely followed Fargo or GF? I’m betting the former...
  4. Whether we believe Chauvin is guilty or not, we certainly cannot be proud of the way our system worked, or was worked, in this situation. Our politicians are assumed to have taken civics class, so they’re supposed to know about the separate branches of government, the Bill of rights, and a thing called due process. One always needs to put himself in the position of the person on trial. Can a fair trial, (and that’s what our system is supposed to guarantee) really be had when there is essentially a mob outside the courthouse threatening to pillage and burn if the “wrong” verdict is returned? Then throw in our intrepid pols, like Mad Maxine and our Prez making their feelings known long before the verdict and where does a juror find himself. Probably saying “wth, we need to convict this guy so our community doesn’t suffer.” And what’s sad is that’s exactly what the mob, mad Maxine, & the Prez wanted. They really should think deeper about our country, and what this republic stands for, than that.
  5. Present roster has 4 girls from ND; 8 girls from MN; 1 from Iowa. Considering there aren’t that many DI players from ND, that seems pretty local.
  6. Agreed. But, it seems like UND never moves up as much as might be expected. Even if it's 5, that's impressive. And I know, who cares about the polls, but they do affect who's in the playoffs so no harm in watching them.
  7. "Logically," based on what happened yesterday, the top five this week would probably be something like this: 1) James Madison 2) Weber St. 3) Kennesaw 4) Nicholls 5) UND
  8. 1 North Dakota State (40) 2-0 1000 Lost Badly 2 James Madison 1-0 952 2 won-Robert Morris 36-16 3 South Dakota State 1-0 918 5 Lost 4 Weber State 0-0 882 4 Won Idaho St 49-21 5 Northern Iowa 0-1 785 3 Won Younstown St 21-0 (Bison beat Youngstown 25-7) 6 Villanova 0-0 782 8 Haven't played yet 7 Illinois State 0-0 730 9 Lost USD 27-20 8 Kennesaw State 0-0 686 10 Won Shorter(?) 35-3 9 Nicholls 1-0 665 14 Won Lamar 55-0 10 Furman 1-0 658 15 Lost VMI 14-13 11 Wofford 1-0 565 16 Lost Chatanooga 24-13 12 Eastern Washington 0-0 502 18 Lost Idaho 28-21 13 Albany 0-0 475 17 no games yet--and no 2021 schedule that I could find 14 North Dakota 1-0 401 NR
  9. I believe Carl was the piano player there forever.
  10. I didn’t watch. Who said it? And in what context? Thanks.
  11. Saves lives? Really? Our governors decided long ago to make the hospitality industry the whipping boy for spreading Covid. But the science? Well, a recent Wall Street Journal editorial pointed out that the state of New York's own contract tracing data showed that restaurants & bars accounted for a mere 1.4% of the virus spread. But it didn't stop the state from shutting them down. Many of these restaurants have undertaken herculean efforts to make their customers safe from the virus spread, but that has had no effect on shutdown hysteria. It's the arbitrariness of these shutdown orders, the failure to weigh any of the downside of these orders against whatever upside they calculate, and the absolute resolute conviction that they will help, even in the face of contrary evidence, that drives businesses such as Boardwalk to do what they did. Here's the WSJ editorial: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-restaurant-lockdown-massacre-11607730189?mod=opinion_major_pos1
  12. I don't want to get into politics either, but I'm kind of guessing the money ran the other way--from EGF to St Paul, in income and sales taxes, alcohol license fees, restaurant license fees, etc. etc. etc. Politicians tend to forget that fact--that any money the government has came from its constituents.
  13. They've only played 3 games so far, in a very weird season. And they've been in all 3, even against Marquette. She has not had a chance to show anything yet. She's a super competitor. (She coached her old high school team to 2 state championships in the interim between playing at UND and coaching here.) I think Mallory is going to surprise some people.
  14. So is there still a chance? https://www.wsj.com/articles/can-this-man-bring-college-presidents-to-their-senses-11597696478?mod=djemBestOfTheWeb If you can't get to the story because of a paywall, the gist of it is that Justin Fields at Ohio State is leading a movement to get the Big 10 to do an about face and reinstate the FB season. And it's not just him. Parents at other Big 10 institutions, including Michigan and Iowa, are urging the reinstatement of the season. It seems the Big 10 has been less than transparent on the final decision to cancel the season. No one knows the tally of the vote---or even if a vote was actually taken by the presidents of the Big 10 institutions.
  15. It looks like the reason is they couldn’t find any opponents. Same result, but I give them credit for making the effort.
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