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  1. OK. Then send it to someone else who does care and who could take suggestions to improve the current logo. Doubt anything will be done anytime soon but at least it appears there are options to improve the current logo.
  2. I agree. Send this to him. It is a major improvement. Much more defined. The original was very bland, the changes make it much more interesting.
  3. Did I say that? ? (well. I guess it is still true)
  4. FACT: Berry delivered number 8. Something Hakstol didn't do in 7 or 8 Frozen fours. I guess those of us who felt it was time for a change of coach have a different definition of success. I'm amazed in reading all these posts that Hakstol gets more credit for winning this year's natty than Berry does. Look, we all want success for our hockey team but why is everyone so afraid of what will happen to our program without Hakstol.? It was successful before him and so far it is successful after him.
  5. Congratulations on a great first year! Thanks for bringing home number 8. (After reading most posts since the win, it seemed a little light on the great job coach Berry and his staff did.) So, Coach Berry and staff, congrats!
  6. Notre Dame to the Big Integer! Man, now we have a 1st round match up between conference rivals this weekend. Hope they can re-cede the brackets in time
  7. Klobuchar defeated Kennedy. Franken defeated Coleman and McFadden, I believe.
  8. Huh. I was so happy when Klobuchar sent him packing. I hope he's a better president than he was a congressman.
  9. Archie Archie Archie Archie!!!!!!
  10. Exactly what I wrote to Dr. Kelley on Sunday night. What are we teaching our students if we feel it is no problem to change the rules after the fact. (in this case after the vote).
  11. Exactly!!!! The Fighting Hawks vote total surprised me. I was expecting a run-off between RR and NoDaks. I was ready to live with those as options. Most people are "bitching" about the possible names at this point, but for me the changing rules midstream is what is the issue here. I really don't care about the name at this point. If you say the top two are to be in a runoff, have the top two in a runoff. Numbers 3, 4, and 5 lost, they shouldn't get rewarded for participation.
  12. The supporters must be from Minnesota and laughing their behinds off it becoms Nodaks. Nodaks is basically the same as saying "stupid, hick North Dakotans". Even non-UND fans cannot believe that it is an option. It's like giving those folks a gift. Of course I suppose if we do become the Nodaks, then maybe the negative connotation of the name will change. yeah, probably not. Heck I would rather vote for Sundogs and I thought that was awful from the first time it was mentioned years ago.
  13. Just some random comments: I'd say vote for Roughriders, then spend the next few years in copyright lawsuits, etc. Thus, we would have no nickname for a few more years until they figure out if RR is an option. And how did NoDaks make the list? I still am getting questions from friends as to how a derogatory name for North Dakota made the list!! Talk about being laughed at (yes, it's even worse than Sundogs!) Anything but NoDaks!!!!
  14. Honest question. I have often heard Nodaks used as a derogatory term for North Dakotans. Am I alone regarding this? I've talked to others (not many) that feel the same. Thoughts?
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