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  1. If I was dean of the WIU broadcast school I might shut this stream down for fear that the accreditation board is watching. Midco, Heinert and shut your mouth Kasowski are truly excellent. The bison broadcasters are quite lame.
  2. Hi fellas, I’ve enjoyed your banter and analysis for ten plus years. The Whooping I watched today was my most enjoyable UND football game since getting liquored up back in the day at the “Best Bet” in Beaverton Oregon in tbe 90s and watching Sioux Bison games. Anyway today’s Beatdown and the beef I saw in the trenches finally pushed me over the edge to set up an ID on the forum. In closing I just hope the fellas make us proud going forward.it seems like a great group of young men and watching Otis break tackles and the D punish the offense was terrific.
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