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  1. How many hours a week is the team restricted to for team practices? Would that number change if they were playing any games this fall? Are we going to regret not playing games this fall?
  2. So, why wouldn't UND be interested in scheduling the 3 non-conference games in the fall? Couldn't that be a factor come playoff time in the spring?
  3. I agree 100%. We played an entire season of summer baseball ages 6-19 and not a single case. The only modifications were no sunflower seeds in the dugout and no hand shakes after the game, no social distancing. Don't recall seeing more than a couple people even wearing masks. You would think that would erase some of the fears. What are students going to do when flu and cold season roll around?
  4. What is the best way to get these stations?
  5. Volunteer workouts starting June 15th
  6. Can't imagine the 50+ students behind the visitors bench had any affect on the winning season. Friendly or not, you have to get it done on the field, not the stands. If you get 500 students in the stands, then you might convince me.
  7. This is great. Long overdue. Now what's next on the list, HPC Phase II ?
  8. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/5003061-Herald-UND-football-mailbag-The-future-at-wide-receiver-first-year-Missouri-Valley-thoughts-and-QB-analysis
  9. I just don't understand why everything is so hush hush. Really, if you are looking for funding, wouldn't you want people to know where the project is funding wise. What if all they need is $5 million and rich farmer Joe is sitting out in Western ND looking for something to fund. Let's get it out in the open and get it done. Who is running the show? Give me the name of one person who knows the answers because whoever it is, they are doing a crappy job of selling it.
  10. Something is going to be announced soon on the HPCII. The only problem is that team would be homeless at least for the next 2 seasons. It might be worth the wait if we know plans are moving forward. Look on the bright side, we are getting new turf and new uniforms this season.
  11. Are you certain that UND does it because I don't think they do. Is it for everyone on the team or only certain players?
  12. I was told that Memorial Stadium was coming down this summer. Does anyone know what might be going on and if it plays into Phase II of the HPC?
  13. Safety concerns is usually a good sell. I'm serious about this. Maybe with the new President, things might take a turn for the better.
  14. There shouldn't be any doubt that Phase 2 is an important component for the overall purpose of the High Performance Center and even more so the football program. My first question is who is on this committee and what is being done to sell this project? Other than the pretty picture that sits in the HPC, I haven't heard any updates. Chaves can't possibly be the only person that knows anything. There certainly must be some money set aside for the project. Let's get real, it wasn't very hard to convince a small percentage of UND students that a new $80 million dollar student union was needed. People need to see the facilities our boy's are working with. They need to see what other programs are building. If there is a need, let's get out there and sell it!
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