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  1. Jamestown to Salt Lake City were going for $204 round trip.
  2. For some some reason it just doesn’t seem right if it has to come down to $$$, especially if a team has a better record.
  3. So, unless you're seeded, you can basically buy home field advantage?
  4. Did NDSU get a home game just because they are NDSU? That was a surprise.
  5. Let's just start doing it on Saturday and be done with this idiotic ideology.
  6. How about the "Grinder" in honor of the Red Pepper
  7. I think it's a joke. For the safety of the their student athletes?? Is it any less safe playing football in the fall? Maybe we just need to cancel football all together.
  8. Does it make any sense for the team to get vaccinated instead of having this drag out?
  9. Is the team practicing outside this week?
  10. There are game rosters for free on the table at the top of the stairs. Sometimes they run out quick.
  11. If there is a science to it, explain the differences between what the Fargodome decides and the Ralph. I think we'd be surprised.
  12. How many practices does the team get on the new turf before the game?
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