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  1. I vote Western so we can travel from Marquette for the games. Never thought I'd be pulling for Denver in anything.
  2. Consecutive wins over top 7 teams. Is this a good time to call for Berry's firing?
  3. My stream is slow, too. Oh, wait....
  4. Need a replay. He was down on the 1.
  5. WTH? Did we just March down the field and score????
  6. Hope you're not referring to "novices" as people who don't spend their lives showing their importance on message boards. I've been following Sioux football for 45 years now and seen highs and lows. Travelled across the country to see a lot of games and had planned on being in Seattle today. I appreciate your comments on here. Appreciate mine.
  7. Yeah. I kind of figure your standards are are a little high. Check out today's top 25 scores with a lot of "Major Programs" and how they got blown out. I want the Sioux football team to be their best. But we need to get a little real here.
  8. Are you serious? Pretty high standard for any program, let alone the AC.
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