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  1. There's no chance we can delay Mitchell Miller. He better be here next season.
  2. Whens it opening? Have they even started work on it?
  3. What’s the latest with the Wild Hog building?
  4. Will Pinto make the USA WJC roster? They are naming it tomorrow.
  5. ChadR


    Assistants are usually on 1-2 year contracts at most also.
  6. Huh? Randklev has no junior eligibility left.
  7. The 3 decommitts don’t bother me one bit. They weren’t going to crack the lineup next year. Glad to see Berry and company have these hard chats before the players get here. Id like to see another big name forward recruit commitment soon.
  8. Maddox Fleming would be a good one. 15 year old playing on Shattuck Prep team. Talk of him being a top 5 NHL draft pick. From Rochester
  9. I hear Wild Hog closed for good. Also heard Tellman will be re-opening a bar restaurant in that spot. Anyone know anything?
  10. Agreed 100%. Anyone who owns one of these teams isn’t doing it to make $. Unless you’re the Lincoln Stars of the late 90s when owners were each taking home a million dollars at the end of the year.
  11. Been awhile since we’ve had a commit. Anyone hearing any news?
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