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  1. Are transfers from teams like Union (cancelled season) eligible immediately? Or not until next season?
  2. Any update on the Wild Hog?
  3. He’s with Bismarck Bobcats. The line chart the other night did not have the UND logo next to his name. I’d guess we cut him loose.
  4. Check out the prices for memberships. Too high in my opinion, specifically the 'individual' rate. https://und.edu/ray-richards/course-fees-and-memberships.html
  5. How good are those jersey/breezer/helmets combo. Crazy to think Panzer and crew played at Xcel while with the Sioux. Building doesn't seem that old!
  6. I am looking to acquire building, yes. Do you know if they are selling?
  7. ChadR


    I didn’t ask where to buy. Stay in your lane.
  8. ChadR


    What size frame do you buy? Or even better post a link
  9. ChadR


    Has anyone here framed any jerseys lately? Looking for recommendations on frames to buy.
  10. Dumb comment, but it’s amazing how good Panzer was. He should have had a long NHL career.
  11. Do a Mentor Trojans (Maple Lake). I can guarantee 10 shirts min
  12. Does anyone remember the story about Aaron Schweitzer and how he ended up at UND? He was a true freshman and the highest level he had played was midget AAA in Canada. No chance that would happen these days without playing juniors.
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