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  1. Yeah three points isn't too shabby when you consider how nip and tuck these games were. No fluke goals, no questionable calls, just good, solid playoff survive-at-all costs hockey. Personally, I like the pitchers duel now and then. Tech could do us some favors the next two weekends and as I suspected on Jan 1, UND's NCAA fate will likely live or die at Magness Arena. These are huge. I know Fridays game is on NBC Sports Net. Anyone have a lead on Saturday?
  2. I am going to miss the "Ramblin'Wreck" from Tech gang. With their tradition, MacNaughton, et al, they should be in UND's conference.
  3. My only concern is Tech has made a habit this year out of winning the games they shouldn't have (see win @ Mariucci and 3 pts in Duluth) while they have been losing as the favorites. This, coupled with the fact that UND is in the middle of a Duluth/Denver sandwich makes for a dangerous weekend. Hope the boys are primed.
  4. East Region Boys (and I believe Girls Hockey) is also taking place at Purpur Arena. March 2 and 3 will be an interesting weekend too. Not only does Minnesota State come to town for a twin bill in Men's Hockey, but the State Class B Boys BB Tournament is happening at the Alerus Center. Talk about a tough weekend to get a room.
  5. That is a neat site. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm...42% chance. Not great, but not impossible at this point. I love some of the other teams with <1% chance. Classic, Dumb and Dumber: "So you're saying there's a chance!"
  6. I agree, I see one close one and one where UND opens it up a little. Either way, "points is points" and the Sioux need to pick up four. I will be there Saturday night, hopefully to see a stick salute!
  7. Mel Pearson, Jr. will be getting a great deal if consideration for WCHA Coach of the Year but I am guessing only if this team gets to the Final Five. Quick early starts will be the key in both games for the good guys in Green & White.
  8. Not only 15th, but tied for 15th with Miami who owns the tiebreaker. With Atlantic champ added via auto-bid (a team who isn't even in Top 25 now), the Sioux are on the outside looking in.
  9. With a sweep of Tech coupled with a Gopher rebound against the Beav, home ice is looking very likely. That is only one goal on the road to Tampa.
  10. I know Schloss followed the black jersey record for a while. The Sioux didn't do much in them at Wisconsin and Minnesota this past fall but I wonder what the record is in Jan/Feb/Mar in those bad boys. Got to be a very, very high percentage. I know in April they haven't been that great :/
  11. Business suits again? Dell in goal, let's get some top line goals. Go Sioux!
  12. Denver win over Minnesota dropped UND to 14. With a Sioux win tonight, things are looking rosy! They are all huge, but the pair of games in Denver will be monsters.
  13. Are the coaching staying mum on this issue because "they have games to think about"? Or did Hakstol/Roebuck get their hand slapped for being outspoken (pro name) in year's past? If memory serves, that occurred during the hockey offseason. Hak's silence concerns me a little bit. Anyone else or am I just overthinking this?
  14. I am going to play Commissioner for a moment, or perhaps College Hockey Czar. Why not have both conference tournaments at the X the same weekend? If both are whittled down to the Top 4 teams in each conference advancing to St. Paul why not a format like this? Friday: NCHC Semfinals (5:00pm and 8:00pm) Saturday: Big 10 Seminfinal #1 (2:00pm) / Big 10 Semifinal #2 (5:00pm) / NCHC Championship (8:00pm) Sunday: Big 10 Championship (afternoon game) Think of it -- best case scenario: Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin fans along with North Dakota, Duluth, Denver, and CC fans all in one place in one weekend. Actually, best case scenario would be Minnesota at home, replaced by Ohio State.
  15. And the Beanpot starts tonight. Boston U vs. Harvard followed by BC vs. Northeastern. Winners play next Monday at The Gahden. I am still ticked about that Harvard goal that tied up the game 4-4 on December 30th. Dell's glove gets pulled off yet the play goes on. But I digress, I wish the 'Pot was more than just a regional fixture as it deserves national attention.
  16. As of now, looks like UND is 15th and would be the very last at large team in. The Atlantic champ is an autobid but they aren't even in top 25 (assuming RIT). So that puts NoDak out east vs Boston U if NCAAs started tomorrow.
  17. Duluth needs the series if they want a shot at catching Minnesota. UND needs it to stay alive. NoDak needs points, 2 or more. Some HUGE series coming up Friday; Minnesota at Denver and who would have thought in October that the Red Cows-Tech series would be big come February 10?
  18. That article from The Globe is frighteningly flawed. There are multiple logos in the floor, not just one, and it's probably not going anywhere.
  19. Thanks for the link Sicatoka. I see the "vaunted program" Notre Dame had a good showing.
  20. Red Cows go to Tech next weekend and then Tech visits G Forks. They have shown a tenacity to play the good teams tough. They are going to mess up some people's NCAA plans.
  21. The Beav has given Omaha fits the last to years.
  22. Anyone have access to some Saturday night scores or results?
  23. I give The Edge a decent rating. I have stayed at cleaner places but the kids liked it. For a damn good burger check ou The Anchor Bar in Superior. Lots of maritime memorabilia and kid friendly over lunch hour.
  24. Hey all... Maybe students out there? What are the words/chant the students say at the conclusion of "Stand Up and Cheer"? This is before the "Sieve" chant starts. All I know is it ends with "......Sioux!". Anyone out there who can help? My kids ask me every time and I don't know! Thx.
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