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  1. I'm calling it 7-3 or 7-2-1 for UND in final eight. Might get someone like Bemidji, St. Clown, or hey...Wisconsin in first round. Sorry hockey weekend on TV coming up, Badgers-SCSU on Big 10 Network Friday night. Wish the Denver-CC matchup was on somewhere.
  2. Where's the thread for the Wisconsin series?! We need to talk waterbottles and skunks and popcorn boxes.
  3. Duluth has the inside track on the MacNaughton Cup as their schedule looks favorable. Honestly, after that it's a crap shoot with the next five in the standings. I still think if CC gets healthy they could make a good run. Final Five will be tough because it's likely that everyone outside of Duluth will need to have a good tournament to stay alive.
  4. Hopefully Dell is good and sharp. Goal support is overdue. Last time UND opened the flood gates in a league game was up in Anchorage - early December.
  5. Sigh. And for the moment we are in 8th/9th... Tied with Wisconsin.
  6. Tough one to take as it sounded like there were plenty of chances. Gotta get those 2 points tomorrow night. Fight on , Fighting Sioux!
  7. I am no Dave Berger (who is!?) but I think Dell has a good weekend. He tends to bounce back nicely after a rough outing. UND salvages a 1-1 tie tonight. This is followed by an offensive wake up call and a win on Saturday. Green glasses go back in the case. Bring on Bucky.
  8. It's a really quick trip and a fun atmosphere if you have never gone. SCSU is a nice option for a big group from the cities who can't get a group together at Mariucci and for those in Fargo it's an easy drive on I-94. Geographically speaking, Bemidji is closer in mileage but this is smoother jaunt. Last year it was a blast with UND fans making the lions share of the noise -- a three point weekend for the good guys in green and white. If you go, don't expect much in terms of asthetics. No beer, concessions are meager, and the neighborhood around the arena is, well, a campus. I liken the arena itself to the Minot State Dome. But when the Gophers or Sioux come to town, it's an event.
  9. With injuries, defections, and what not, I have the perfect promo for this weekend's series. Don King would be proud with: "The Depleted at the Concreted"
  10. Well a little perspective here. Coming into this weekend UND and Tech were heading in seperate directions. UND draws the league leader while Tech gets cellar dweller Anchorage. Plenty of games between now and March 9, including Tech coming to GF in a month.
  11. Yeah Cable One in Fargo said that Saturday nights game would be on 14 but all I got was an information on the Ninja blender. Three payments of $39.95 if you call within the next 30 minutes, but I digress.. If you have a cable box FSSN is channel 70. Or usually 306/307. Without a box, it comes in on channel 15.70.
  12. It's Hockey Night in Canada. It would be appropriate if Dillon Simpson scored a goal... Who knows maybe his old man will give it a mention on the CBC Saturday night NHL telecast. With no TV, it's Hennessy for me
  13. They are all huge but I maintain those road trips to St. Cloud, Duluth, and Denver will make or break the second half. Got to get points away from The Ralph.
  14. Not sure where this belonged but did any of u watch the Notre Dame Hockey special on Versus(NBC Sports Network) following their game Sat night? It was a propaganda-fest focusing on their "elite" program , "rich" history and new state of the art arena. To me, it was ripe with UND wanna-be. That being said, the one hour show was well produced and centered on the buildup of their game vs BC in mid November. The game was a beauty, with ND scoring a goal with mere seconds left in OT. Just curious if snyone else caught it. They have replayed it since. Bottom line, if you are a casual hockey fan, you walk away thinking its Notre Dame at the top of the world and everyone else is playing for second.
  15. A quirky game to watch in person. The crowd did come to life late in the third period and OT and you had a sense the team would find one more goal. Kristo is so exciting to watch when he has the playmaker's hat on. It would have been a good character statement if they had found a way to bury one. These are the types of situations that you look back on during the course of a season and they tend to separate the good teams from the great ones.
  16. It seems like It's been a Wicked long time since the Sioux have hit the ice. Yous guys need to get some chattah goin' with the Crimson coming to town. Alls I want is a sweep; could be huge in the Pairwise.
  17. What have you all heard about a site for the Big 10 hockey tourney? I would think Joe Louis Arena would still be the favorite. Xcel woulnt seem to make since due to the fact that it's on the western edge of Big 10 territory. Surprised the X isn't a sure thing. NCHC tourney would be far more lucrative than watered down WCHA version.
  18. Buffalo Wild Wings has a free bus that leaves 30 minutes before the game. Rumors is a fun time, I think you get a ticket for the bus when you buy 2 for 1 and you can have booze on the bus. BWW you cannot.
  19. “For example, the new uniforms for the UND men’s hockey team won’t be available until late February,” he wrote. “As a result, the men’s hockey team will finish the rest of the regular season in their current uniforms." --from President Kelley's memorandum I guess that answers that question for us.
  20. The Hunt for 'Red December' begins. Red Cows this weekend, Russian Red Stars next week, and, if you think about it, Harvard "Crimson" New Year's Weekend. Go Sioux... Finish off 2011 in style.
  21. We have heard new jerseys won't arrive by mid February and then yesterday I read they would use existing jerseys through the regular season. So the Michigan Tech and Minnesota State series could feature the new jerseys or the last games with Sioux across their chests. A communication with concrete timelines is apparently in the works.
  22. If I recall from last October's telecast the replay graphics are pretty cheesy...ala the floating Tiger head on CC broadcasts. Probably see a lot of empty yellow seats too. But that is my full list of complaints because hey it's televised college hockey!
  23. I do have access to digital channels that come in through my TV....FSSN, for example is 15.70 on my receiver. Thanks for the tip, I will try this. Any idea what channels PBS will com in on? 67.470 or 64.470 would be my first guesses. Not sure about Lake PBS in Bemidji.
  24. Usually I can find the weekly chat archieved but today I'm shut out. Anyone have a link to it? I know the wounds are still fresh and I know about 1.1.2015 but when does the Fighting Sioux name officially become history? After this sports season? Or is this now in the hands of the SBOHE to decide?
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