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  1. Me too! I already have the days off for work
  2. By the way, there's a big ticket mess going on now on Ticketmaster. If you go out there currently it shows EVERY SEAT at The Ralph is available for purchase. I called the REA Box Office and they were just made aware of the problem and they are working on fixing it. Just wanted to bring some folks back down to earth in case they are thinking they can purchase front row, center ice tickets.
  3. You are 100% correct on this one. Barring an 11th hour crazy idea to go to the Frozen Four this is probably the last chance I will get to see the Sioux in action. Life-long Sioux fans will be taking their kids, their parents, grandparents, etc., because this is it.
  4. If the past is any indication, usually the Monday or Tuesday after the final regular season weekend. March 7 or 8 but the Ticketmaster website or Fightingsioux.com would have the most updated information.
  5. I love the feature where we can go in and browse ticket sales to find seats. I myself have attended a half dozen games by utilizing this terrific site. I do have one suggestion to make the process more user-friendly. I'm not sure if the administration team or someone could be a keeper of this but could we delete or eliminate the posts that are "dead". For example, when someone sells their tickets or found their tickets, can that subject line be removed? Can we also remove ticket posts for games that are in the past? It seems that some of these "dead dates" can clog up the page and make it tougher to search for what is still for sale and what is not. I know we're dealing with a small time hobby here so I can completely understand if this is a matter of manpower, just a suggestion. Thanks!
  6. A couple of key games later this week that will probably decide how the top 4 seeds are shuffled. Thursday, West Fargo at Red River and Saturday, Red River at Grafton. Central has a trip to Fargo South also on Thursday.
  7. http://www.ndhighschoolhockey.com/NorthDakotaBoysHighSchoolHockey/default.aspx This is a pretty sweet site. Timely posting of info, stats, schedules, results, etc.
  8. Here's my take on the whole deal. I agree with the previous poster 100% because I am also an NDSU Football Fan that cannot state with a straight face that Bison Football is on par with Sioux Hockey. I also grew up in the western side of the state, when hockey was on par with Croquet in terms of popularity. I understand this is not a "hockey state" but the reason why is because of exposure. We had no Sioux games on local TV. We had our fill of Bison-Sioux FB games, Bison playoff games, and High School Basketball. I remember watching UND on PBS or ESPN when they were playing for the National Title, and that's about it. Fast forward to the present day. The FSSN has taken this program to the next level, IMO. Friday and Saturday nights during the winter is absolute primetime in North Dakota. With the tradition and the product and the fact that it is exposed to people statewide (especially youth), this has the potential to be huge when we're talking about the next generation.
  9. Grafton has indeed been rolling. A matchup tomorrow to look for is Fargo South at Grafton. Talk about two teams going in seperate directions. Central at North on Saturday could also have a big say in the final regular season standings. Bottineau at Century is very big too out west. Could determine the #1 seed.
  10. Today (30 days out from the game) Ticketmaster opened up a section of General Admission tickets. They are upper deck and first come first serve (amongst the students) but it might be your best bet to get 13 together. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the link. Prices might seem steep for some but when you don't have the hassle and expense of mailing tickets or tracking down the seller, it's a nice alternative!
  12. Ticketmaster's online site shows there are still General Admission tickets left in the Student Section. They are first come, first serve without an "official" seat but at least you would be together. Good luck!
  13. Hey all - Just saw on Ticketmaster yesterday that a number of tickets were opened for the Student Section for the Feb 11 and Feb 12 games vs. Alaska-Anchorage. They are "General Admission" so not assigned seats but the ticket gets you in the door for option of "first come, first serve" seating. Tix are $40 or so after fees.
  14. Nice job, boys! Trupper! I was supposed to be at this game, but here I sit by the fire in my basement
  15. Yes, the Irish Bar across the way is now closed. Just a heads up, I was checking around for some reservations for dinner/drinks before the game and apparently Saturday afternoon is also Minnesota State's Commencement for Winter Semester so expect eating places to be busy.
  16. They are on the B2 Network. http://www.b2livetv.com/upcoming_events.asp?q=v&value=wcha ...this is the link that MSU provides. Just went out to ticketmaster and the best you can get for tickets on Saturday is SRO. Should be a fun time and I cannot wait! "It's seven o'clock and I wanna rock, wanna get a belly full of beer!"
  17. There will be 5 Sioux Fans in Section 100 in Mankato on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it as it's my first trip there. Blue Brick is fun but it can be more of a Frat Party/College Crowd. For the over 25 set, Pub 500 is also downtown and offers a bit more upscale fare but still has good drink selections. It's about a block further from the arena than Blue Bricks. All the best!
  18. Looking at the 2010-2011 Minnesota State Hockey Media Guide and under the opponents profiles they have "nickname" supplied for all opponents and North Dakota's is conveniently omitted.
  19. I assume you are looking at December 4th? The Sioux are in Mankato on the 11th.
  20. I know Buffalo Wild Wings on Columbia had one last year. It was free but it did leave 1/2 hour prior to faceoff. Crowds can be thick so arrive early. Whitey's in East Grand had one two (prior to new ownership, not sure about this year). I think that cost $5 or something per person but if I recall we got a free drink voucher. I've also seen adds in the Herald for Big Daddy's Lounge Casino on DeMers haveing a shuttle bus. I believe another bar next to Green Mill had one last season (Buck's?) Hope this helps.
  21. Thanks for the tips everyone! I did frequent Mettler's about a decade ago during Vikings Training Camp. A great time to be in Mankato!
  22. Road tripping to Mankato on December 11th - sounds like a blast! Also looking at securing tickets for 5 Sioux fans in Section 100 perhaps. This will be our first time in Mankato. Is there a section to avoid? Looks like we can get third row in section 100 (far corner) but worried the sight lines might be cut-off. I guess they're still available for a reason. Any good bars/ restaurants to catch before the game? Looks like a few in the heart of downtown. Looking for a good road-trip fan guide for a game vs. Purple Cows. Thanks and Fight On Sioux!
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