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  1. Last year it was the Ben Scrivens Tribute Show, hosted by Barry Melrose. I'm interested to see what the talking heads say this year (like it matters).
  2. Assuming Air Force wins its conference tournament tonight, any chance that they may face UND in the 1st round? Or is that pretty much a no since Yale has locked up #1 overall? Sure would be neat to see Lamoureux brothers go head to head.
  3. Is this the new place at Osgood within Hornbacher's?
  4. I'd be interested in this as well. Not for tonight (house party with friends)....but next weekend would be very fun to go out to catch a game.
  5. http://www.uscho.com/bracketology/2011/03/18/number-one-seeds/ ...and in Jason Moy's blog tonight he indicates that if BC gets shipped to West or Midwest it could mean UND goes out east to play New Hampshire, if they end up with a #4 seed.
  6. Now I'm feeling better about things. Nice puck work on that last goal. Pretty stuff.
  7. FSN North just said, "the Sioux hope to get Gregoire back before the end of the season". So i hear that as tomorrow (if/when the Sioux play) he probably won't be in the lineup.
  8. Also nice to see the interview with Gino Gasparini in the 1st period. Talking Sioux Legacy.
  9. Anyone else see the shot of Dean Blais in the crowd? Sitting next to him was a little one in the Sioux jersey that he seemed attached too. Classic!
  11. This has been a complaint for a while but I have gotten over it. I feel Sweeney does a good job of often saying how much time is left during the PP.
  12. http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/196203/ So maybe I'm the only one thinking about this but.....how is that all going to play out? Hakstol is stated all along that his "stance on the logo issue is clear" and left it at that.... but this is taking it to the next level. To be at the vortex of a public campaign (a campaign that your employer is against) is certainly interesting. I know that he, Roebuck, and some other coaches talked about their disappointment when the SBOHE first announced the decision. Anyone else feel there could be some reprimanding from the University as a result?
  13. My only question I have is which jersey to where each night? Gonna go with the current reebok edge home Friday but Saturday..........might have to go nostalgic........only question is how nostalgic, Nike dazzle? 82? Gonna be tough not to go with the '87 Gotta bust out the Old School. Either 82 or 87 will be sweet. I'll have the 87 away jersey on in style. Hrkac Circus lives! "Ian Kidd wants to go to Detroit tooooo!"
  14. I agree with the one close game but I bet it will be Friday. 3-1 win on Friday to break their spirits and Saturday will be more of a coronation than a competition; something like a 5-0 shutout. Then our cup runneth over At least that's what I hope to see on Saturday when I'm there with 12,000 of my friends.
  15. When I talked to the Ralph this morning they were aware of the issue. They said that Season Ticket holders have until April to purchase tickets and if they pass, they will be made available as single game tickets (rather than the package). I doubt there will be a high percentage of season ticket holders letting this series pass them by.
  16. Per Brad's blog earlier in the week (and in yesterday's Herald) the Cup will not be presented this weekend but rather during the WCHA Playoffs....likely Saturday the 12th or Sunday the 13th after the Sioux wrap up the 1st round series (similar to how they did it 2009).
  17. Mathematically speaking, the Sioux can clinch the #1 seed on Sunday and at least a share of the MacNaughton Cup. A sweep plus help (Denver/Omaha split and Duluth needs less than 4) gets this done. On the Sioux live blog today Brad was checking with Bruce McLeod whether or not the Sioux would be presented with the cup if all the pieces fall into place.
  18. However, I believe just the Friday night boys semifinals, Girls C'ship Saturday morning, and Boys State Title is being streamed.
  19. State Tournament Pairings: (#1 West) Bismarck Century vs. (#4 East) Grand Forks Central (#2 East) Grafton Park River vs. (#3 West) Bismarck High School (#1 East) Grand Forks Red River vs. (#4 West) Jamestown (#2 West) Minot vs. (#3 East) West Fargo
  20. That's my question too. I believe there would be a "shared conference champion" like they did with Big 10 Football this year. But the question is, who would get the #1 seed (and the luxury of playing Michigan Tech in the 1st round). Who gets the MacNaughton Cup at season's end? I think this has happened before. Denver and CC tied and it might have been 1997 (? forgive me if I'm wrong here) when the Sioux and Gophers were co-champs. Might be a good question for Brad Schlossman.
  21. http://www.b2livetv.com/partner_members.asp?id=28 Both Friday and Saturday
  22. When I read this I thought about white gloves and white face makeup.
  23. Bavarian Almonds mixed wth chopped onions from the hot dog condiment row. That's the smell I get. I laughed out loud at the person who went home and took a big whiff from the gift shop bag. I know the smell....unique to this arena and this arena only. I wish the sold an Air Freshener with the smell. A little foam tree hanging from my steering wheel that smells like The Ralph.
  24. Upon further review, BC's good fortunes with home ice in the NCAA tournament is disgusting. (Most likely due to the fact that I am bitter towards BC (as are most of you) because they seem to break my heart every year) 2010: Worcester 2008: Worcester 2007: Manchester 2006: Worcester 2005: Worcester 2004: Manchester Enough of my BC complaining, what are everyone's (incredibly pre-mature) thoughts on the potential bracket? I can't disagree. Keep in mind though that some site in New England is going to host a regional every year and it only makes sense (geographically and economically) that the best team in the area would get the top seed there. BU was tops in 2009 and I'm going to bet without looking back that they had a nice regional slant going for them too. I don't know if it's favoring BC as much as its favoring a college hockey crazed city with the largest popluation. I remember being in Madison in 1999 when BC beat the Sioux. That was a bummer. You could argue that 1999 team was every bit as talented as the 2000 group that got their revenge the following spring. Looking into the crystal ball I also see UNO and UND having some battles this spring. Whether its in the Final Five or in Regionals I think we'll be meeting again. I think they'll have a good run at the Final Five. I think Duluth's senior leadership will also play a role in the postseason. I predict a couple of WCHA teams playing at the Frozen Four in St. Paul.
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