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  1. It’s 5-0 I’m not too worried about it. Better than doing nothing about it.
  2. One too many off ice distractions in the last 2 months and that starts at the top
  3. Frisch and Caulfield hurt now too. At what point do we even have enough to play a game tomorrow?
  4. Pinto is the only skater that showed for the Sioux tonight.
  5. Thome just literally takes a guy out in front of the net rather than make a save. Gotta love it
  6. And now it’s just gonna be a special teams game unfortunately
  7. I know you literally think about that guy 24/7 but keep your political bs in the dumpster fire thread.
  8. My friends and I booked one of the UND charters out of GF. Haven’t heard a word about reschedule/cancelation. I hope they can somehow reschedule the plane for next year as we plan on going still. Not really sure how that stuff works.
  9. I honestly think that if they delay fall sports to spring they are just delaying a cancellation. I think there’s zero chance of spring football, hockey etc. They are just kicking the can further down the road unfortunately.
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