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  1. The Dems are showing their hands a little early. They are openly cheering for a 2nd shutdown just in time for the election. Unfortunately this isn’t good news for collegiate sports in the fall no matter how ridiculous this all seems to be.
  2. I think your missing the fact that they all enter the real world and some if not most grow up and realize how non of that stuff really matters anymore. “Snowflake culture” has been around forever and never really made it anywhere past 30. Thanks for your help in Trumps re-election in 2020. Comments as ignorant as that only “mobilize” the old withering party of only racist and white folks even more.
  3. I’m more interested in ignoring your TDS.
  4. If we have anything better than Horrendous goaltending since the break we are still talking about a 1 loss team.
  5. These guys diving along the boards in the corners is getting really old
  6. Has anybody heard anything about Bast lately?
  7. That or the disallowed goal of Adams 2 years ago. Or Troy Terry’s soccer goal a few years back.
  8. Not surprised at all. More fed up with the fact that every time anyone plays in Denver the officiating is terrible
  9. Honestly that’s the most ridiculous 5 I’ve ever seen!!
  10. SiouxCrioux1


    Honestly the Bison don’t even belong in the same sentence as UND. And quite frankly I’m sick of even bringing them up on here. This program and it’s fans need to quit worrying about f’n Fargo and focus on themselves or they are going nowhere.
  11. SiouxCrioux1


    Guys just didn’t get it done today and unfortunately it’s going to cost them another post season
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