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  1. Actually the fact that it’s been very quite has me thinking it’s going to be a hire within.
  2. Epic choke job by USA. Can’t even hardly muster a shot on goal in the shootout.
  3. No Johnson or Yon? Not a chance he won’t have at least one of them in the lineup.
  4. Anybody know what channel the tourney is on midco?
  5. I personally am getting very tired of him always talking about how ok everyone in the locker room is with losing. And how content he is with it as long as they stick together in their losing ways. Listen I get that nowadays you have to be more PC and all that but it’s like you aren’t allowed to put a little expectation on anything. If there are players that are ok with the “culture” they keep perpetuating maybe this isn’t the place for them and that’s fine. Go to Bemidji, Northern Michigan etc. there will be no expectations. There will also be no chartered flights, 5 star hotels, steak suppers, 1st class training facilities, $100 million dollar home rink. With all the stuff I just mentioned I really don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect NCAA’s every year. Now I know there are some in this and every fan base that your never gonna please but I think what I just mentioned for the most part is how a majority feel.
  6. The fact that our PP is so inept that we gave up a 2 on 1 goal and run into our goalie. We’ve given up a few shortys lately because our PP is so bad and now one of those breakdowns cost us our goalie as well. But we won’t hear that part of the story. We will just get the excuse of him being hurt from the local media.
  7. Now Brad is breathing easy. He has the excuse of 2 goalies going down. Never mind the reason the last goalie went down. Nothing to see there.
  8. If it’s the same Thome that started the year then I’m not too excited.
  9. We’ve got to think that it’s gonna be Feeney in goal next week
  10. Gardner hit Scheel. So I guess if we are gonna go after our own player I guess I don’t know what your getting at?
  11. Doesn’t matter how well we play 5 on 5. Special teams are gonna be the death of this team and we refuse to do anything different
  12. The whole situation with him is getting very suspicious. I’m starting to think it’s more disciplinary than injury.
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