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  1. And... It's because they come from a society WITHOUT systemic racism holding them back. They come with an education and a job in hand. They start out on 3rd base. It shouldn't be about the color of their skin. And, yes, socioeconomic factors do hold minorities back in our country. But, systemic racism has existed to help with that formula that has held them back.
  2. Yeah. Good try, but the reason is that they come highly educated usually with a job to get that visa. https://www.latimes.com/world/africa/la-fg-global-african-immigrants-explainer-20180112-story.html So, that false narrative didnt work. Lol
  3. I"m thinking the same thing. I'd honestly be surprised if we have a 20-21 college hockey season at all. We will see.
  4. Oh, did I ruin your happy little place? So sorry....
  5. Big10 says conference only in fall sports. I would imagine this includes the fall semester hockey schedule? https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2020/07/09/big-ten-football-schedule-covid-19-coronavirus-cuts-nonleague/5408283002/
  6. Hmmm. So, what you are saying is that the uptick in cases will ultimately result in an uptick in deaths. So, these people don't just die right away? They might be sick for awhile and then die? That makes it soooooo inconvenient for those trying to spin a narrative saying that deaths are going down. Darn you and your facts!
  7. Yup. Thanks for proving my point.
  8. Really? This is singularly the stupidest thing I've read on the internet in years. Let's say that to the victims of Jim Crow in a segregated United States. Let's say that to the victims of apartheid. Let's say that to the victims of the holocaust. I could go on, but why bother? You don't earn anything for saying that other than the wrath of people with a sense of right and wrong. You are a fool.
  9. Hmmm. I just don't understand why that was put in the form of a question.
  10. I'm fine, thanks. I just dont tolerate fools very well. You know us "Marxists" (rolling my eyes)
  11. You want a definition? Go look in a mirror. .
  12. If you seriously believe that Leo Terrell speaks as a voice for the majority of disenfranchised Blacks in our country, you have seriously OD'd on the Fox News Koolaid. Lol You've got...nothing.
  13. So. I show systemic racism and this is going to fix it all. Laughable. Not the program. Your "solution" to systemic racism. Which seems to ooze from this website. Again you have nothing. Nothing. Stick to UND sports.
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