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  1. What the heck is going on this year? Did NDSU and UND swap teams?
  2. Cleveland Indians to drop their nickname Cleveland’s Baseball Team Will Drop Its Indians Team Name https://nyti.ms/2Wb6EXF
  3. Interesting read. She is a gem. The Olive Garden Is Open, but Marilyn Hagerty Isn’t Eating There https://nyti.ms/342GQ4n
  4. My great x 5 grandfather fought in the American Revolutionary War under Washington. His son fought in the War of 1812. His son and grandson fought on the side of the Confederacy, although in ragtag outfits in what is now West Virginia. Kneel away young men. I reject what the latter half of these ancestors of mine defended. Kneel away. I'm proud of these young men also.
  5. Read this for a more clear understanding of why these two young men took a knee. I'm proud of them and it doesn't take away from pride in our country. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/30437880/north-dakota-hockey-players-jasper-weatherby-jacob-bernard-docker-kneel-national-anthem
  6. True. But, he had a way of getting people to agree on a middle ground. I would like to know the reaction of this kid's parents. I've read some things that weren't flattering about their attitudes toward his initial punishment. To be a fly on that wall...
  7. Tom Clifford would have handled this 100x better. He should have been given a chance. Maybe on a short leash, but at least given an opportunity to prove that he has changed.
  8. Horrible thing to do at any age, but at fourteen I would hope he should have a chance to learn and grow. Berry will handle this kid, I'm not concerned about it. This kid has a chance to move on possibly sharing his story and helping others. That would be a positive. On the other hand, if he goes another route and regresses, Berry will show him the door.
  9. In the meantime on Buffalo, Bohl's other QB is kicking butt. I hope Wentz can turn it around.
  10. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29629669/power-5-talking-no-fall-football Commissioners of the Power 5 conferences held an emergency meeting on Sunday, as there is growing concern among college athletics officials that the upcoming football season and other fall sports can't be played because of the coronavirus pandemic, sources told ESPN.
  11. The P5 conferences are getting closer to telling the NCAA to stuff it.
  12. I think it would be too difficult to share with an AHL team also.
  13. Ok. That is what I thought too. Hope she works out. Sounds like a very proactive and positive coach.
  14. I hope she succeeds. I like to see UND alumni come back to our school and do well. Where did I say it doesn't make a difference to me? Goodness, you have thin skin.
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