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  1. Well. It seems that the cult remains bat$hit crazy after the election. No surprise there. Desperately grasping for reasons their dear leader lost other than simply by receiving fewer electoral votes along with losing the popular vote by just over 6 million. They are freaks and will remain so. Just like the pompous blowhard moderator who is "packing" to save the 7-11 clerks of this world. It is not as funny as it is pathetic. Hopefully more reasonable and true Republicans will win out and compromise with their Democratic counterparts for the good of the nation. For thi
  2. The Trump campaign paid 3 million dollars for this recount. Not a great payoff.
  3. 155 million + voted. Over 75% of registered voters in the USA. Resoundingly successful election.
  4. https://howbidenstoletheelection.com/?fbclid=IwAR0Ouh0JS558JiOaRCPAepBTzTe2bD3KeitX2nXEkvmNN-nbmmEWC5co9aM
  5. Record breaking Covid-19 spikes in the United States, and the cult doesn't give a $hit. Proving once again you are worthless human beings. Just like Dear Leader. And you probably thought you were irrelevant because of North Dakota ties. You know, the self loathing you all experience. Packing a gun to feel like you'll be a hero someday. The big man. LMFAO. You'll probably shoot yourselves instead. Naw, it's not North Dakota. Plenty of decent people come from North Dakota. You're just not among them Now, enjoy your last weeks of Dear Leader worship, Trumptards. The Rona is
  6. You would believe that, of course. Because you are a ...... Trumptard! LMFAO
  7. Was he playing pocket pool before or after putting this tweet out?
  8. If bat$hit crazy is considered interesting
  9. Yup. Typical Trumptard cultist. Probably has to strap on an AR 15 to feel secure enough to go to McDonald's. Must be making up for little tiny .... hands. LMFAO
  10. Hey, QAnon believer. How us bat$hit crazy working out for you? Did you find that pizza place yet? Oh, Mr. Internet Tough Guy #2. Is Medora a good place for some "heels up" action? LMFAO
  11. You love Dear Leader and would gladly turn your head while him and his family of grifters rob the government blind, coerce the Justice Department into false investigations against political opponents, lie about anything under the sun to attempt to make himself either the victim or the heroe. And he could grab the women in your life by the pussy. Because you are too cowardly to say or do anything. F#ck off Trumptard. It is over. ROTFLMFAO
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