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  1. #11 should never see the field again!!!
  2. What scares me is seeing how good this team can turn it on in a single period when they want to. Crazy to think what they are capable of when the season will be on the line. They’ll be ready.
  3. It’s 5-0 I’m not too worried about it. Better than doing nothing about it.
  4. One too many off ice distractions in the last 2 months and that starts at the top
  5. Frisch and Caulfield hurt now too. At what point do we even have enough to play a game tomorrow?
  6. Pinto is the only skater that showed for the Sioux tonight.
  7. Thome just literally takes a guy out in front of the net rather than make a save. Gotta love it
  8. And now it’s just gonna be a special teams game unfortunately
  9. So is limiting my ability to do business going to mean reducing my licensing, taxation, insurance and city fees?
  10. I know you literally think about that guy 24/7 but keep your political bs in the dumpster fire thread.
  11. Does anyone know off hand who else recruited Miller?
  12. If 6 Muslims tried to kill Donald Trump there’s no chance in hell the left wouldn’t blame Trump for it.
  13. How do you expect him to leave from the hospital tomorrow? Slingshot?
  14. https://abcnews.go.com/US/sen-rand-paul-attacked-angry-mob-leaving-white/story?id=72673137 Hayduke’s cult is at it again.
  15. If that’s the case for Trump’s handlers then what do Biden’s handlers think of him?
  16. Exactly. Victimhood is a one way ticket to nowhere.
  17. So political stuff is stupid but then you go on possibly the most hate filled one sided rant I’ve seen on here. I sincerely hope the best for Al and Johanna. I hope they get all the money they can to help them out but I didn’t see the button on go fund me that asks if your a Republican or Democrat next to donate.
  18. My friends and I booked one of the UND charters out of GF. Haven’t heard a word about reschedule/cancelation. I hope they can somehow reschedule the plane for next year as we plan on going still. Not really sure how that stuff works.
  19. So it’s only Trump politicizing the pandemic? This is why nobody can take you seriously.
  20. I honestly think that if they delay fall sports to spring they are just delaying a cancellation. I think there’s zero chance of spring football, hockey etc. They are just kicking the can further down the road unfortunately.
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