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  1. My question is, who is the irresponsible entity that made up this schedule? Total bush league!
  2. That’s because the powers that be, want to make the goofies get to the FF.
  3. So maybe I missed it, but why the late start tonight?
  4. I would say thank goodness that the Sioux had great goal tending the last two games, being they were outshot. The blame goes to the d men in those situations IMO.
  5. What’s the final score of the Duluth vs. UMass game?
  6. And the Denver refs are going to count it???
  7. I know that this question should be under a new topic, but...after today’s article by Schlossman, what are the chances of Smaby replacing Shaw after this season?
  8. Outside deck of the Blue Moose on a sunny day can't be beat!
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