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  1. That is sweet. Sure with that was the daily driver for this team.
  2. Temporarily closed according to their website: https://www.huhot.com/location/grand-forks-nd/
  3. Doug Woog has passed away, sad news for all of college hockey. He seemed to be a great person and he certainly loved college hockey. https://www.twincities.com/2019/12/14/gophers-south-st-paul-hockey-hero-doug-woog-dies-at-75/
  4. Never forget how fortunate we are to have the classic voice and game calling skills of Tim. He is tremendously underrated...the Grand Forks version of Bob Cole that cannot be replaced.
  5. Nope. But a$$hole$ like Mike Jacobs can take the high road and preach without logic nor consequence.
  6. What team(s) will end UND's NCAA appearance streak, if any? Or do we do it ourselves with more losses? Since UND is likely to remain a bubble team, this is a fun way of posing the question of what school(s) is most likely to make an upset run in their respective conference tournaments? Or, do we find a way?
  7. A nice story about Aaron Dell on NHL.com.
  8. I'd much rather listen to Hennessy's radio call online than pay the B1G one penny. He is really good, and we are fortunate to have such a talent in our small market. Enjoy it while you can.
  9. I live in Prescott. My Dad and I would always go to Philander's to watch UND in the NCAA tournament. They were always accommodating with TVs and have plenty of room, assuming the Packers aren't playing. A couple years ago I would have steered you elsewhere due to quality of food, but they have righted that ship.
  10. That was one of my fondest Father-son moments. We drove from the cities to watch UND play, expecting a UND/UM matchup to go to the FF. I looked at my Dad after two period and asked, "Could this happen?". When Minnesota took the lead I thought it was over. I'll never forget that sound and emotion when Holy Cross scored in OT. That was the first time he ever got to see the new Ralph. Having said that, I still miss the old bandbox! Much different memories there as a student.
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